LEGO Ninjago will Return in 2014

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LEGO has heard the cries of may LEGO Ninjago fans when they announced plans of possible discontinuation of the theme in 2013. Have no fear, LEGO has just announced that the theme will return in 2014! What’s your thought on the return of the ninjas? Does LEGO have lack of faith in “The Legends of Chima” theme? Comment below!

Official Statement from the LEGO Community:
“Calling all Ninjago fans!

Gather round! Beckon all of your friends to gather round, too! We have important and exciting news! Not just any news. Not news about the weather or cats stuck up trees or the price of milk! No, this is news about Ninjago!

“But, what news? What news could be so important? Isn’t Ninjago being discontinued in 2013?!”, we hear you exclaim! Ah yes, young ninja, we sense you are eager to learn more and so shall the news be revealed…

Because our message boards fans are so awesome and because we know you love Ninjago more than anyone else in the entire world, nay universe, we are giving you guys this information first and exclusively! Check the internet; see if anyone else is mentioning this! They won’t be right now because you’re hearing this from us first and you’re the first to know!

Jammers on: Ninjago fans only!


Ninjago will continue into 2014!

Jammers off: Yayyy!!!!

Thanks to LEGO Community for providing the source.

Update: LEGO Ninjago 2014 set rumors CLICK HERE

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  1. […] BIG UPDATE: LEGO has announced that the theme will be brought back in 2014: CLICK HERE […]

  2. i love ninjago, but do u have proof it will return at all?

  3. Single Mom says:

    my son loves Ninjago and will be very disappointed if they don’t return in 2014.

  4. no one says:


  5. jeff says:

    Ninjago better return soon or im gonna freak

  6. cole says:

    let;s hope that’s ture because I have been a big fan of Ninjago and I hope they have new sets too.

  7. Whisp says:

    Hell Yeah!, more Ninjago but i don’t have a lot of faith about the enemies cause’ will it be like 5 years later from The Final Battle with The Overlord? Or will it continue from that point. Will Sensei Misako and Garmadon be dead? who are the bad guys? will the Serpentine rise again from the episode
    The Day Ninjago Stood Still

  8. Whisp says:

    and also iv’e been collecting Ninjago since 2011 i remember building Garamadons Dark Fortress. there are only 6 Mini figures of ninjago i don’t have
    Acidicus (Venomari General)
    Skalidor (Constrictai General)
    NRG Jay
    The Green Ninja
    Lord Garmadon (with the stone army helmet) im getting this one soon
    Golden Ninja im also getting this one soon

    Does anyone else have The Green Ninja in the form of Season 4’s Ninjago? he has the same outfit of Cole/Jay/Zane/Kai from the sets Warrior Bike, Cole’s Earth Driller e.c.t but its green. Comes with the DK’s guide to Ninjago

  9. If you look in zanes eyes you will see something looking like a robot. Ninjago + robot taking over the world movies = robots vs ninjas! ROBOTS OR NINDROIDS ARE TAKING OVER NINJAGO!!!!!!!! and if you like ninjago you should play minecraft

  10. Supasteve02 says:

    I saw the future graphic novels. Lord Garmadon placed robots around the world to activate in case of his defeat. The enemy is robots. It explains the teaser poster with Zane and his eye.

  11. Supasteve02 says:

    I think they get new styles of suits. You can see Zane’s hair and mask? Maybe like Nya’s face thing?

  12. COLM says:

    look in the eyes guys dont you see a robot what think i think its scary

  13. rick says:

    Hey guys i know some stuff. Listen to this. Okay, well that guy in zanes eye is the DARK NINJA! He bis this really evil robot guy, and he was created when the overlord crossed into lord garmadons body because the overlord damaged some stuff on garmatron and fused it together when he crossed over. He also has an army of roboninja. I’ m not telling where I got this from.

    • Ronin says:

      Yeah, because it is not true. After 5 years when this comment was made, we can confirm that what you said is false. Please don’t make things up.

  14. JEC14 says:

    2014 = Nindroids

  15. Briana says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE NINJAGO 😀 I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. blabla says:


  17. ???? says:

    For season 4 I think Scorpions and new ninjas Eh?

    • blaman5 says:

      Scorpions yes new ninja not so much, except the green ninja can go

      • kimberly says:

        fudge you?Lloyd freaking stays.all the ninjas stay.i got an email from the creator of Ninjago and he said garmadon planted Nindroids all over the world incase of his defeat.and he got defeated.theres a picture with zane on it and in his Eye therea a believe this kk.

  18. blaman5 says:

    I hope ninjago comes back as long as they take out the green ninja he was just stupid and i hated him, plus legend of chima sucks!

  19. […] received reports earlier this year saying that LEGO Ninjago would be returning in 2014. Kockamania is reporting that Ninjago may be coming back sooner than expected, as soon as December […]

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