LEGO Ninjago Summer 2015 Sets

LEGO Ninjago Set Rumors 2015

LEGO has revealed the LEGO Ninjago sets for Summer 2015 at the London Toy Fair 2015! LEGO states that the new sets will have a Ghost theme, so most sets will include ghost Minifigures which will feature a glow in the dark element. The sets are expected to release this summer.

Chain Cycle Ambush (70730)
Cole’s Earth Bike (70733)
Master Wu Dragon (70734)
Ronin Rex (70735) – £39.99
Ghost Dragon (70736)
Titan Mech Battle (70737) – £39.99
Final Flight of Destiny’s Bounty (70738) – £99.99

What do you think about the upcoming sets?

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