LEGO Ninjago Movie in the Works 2014?

lego_ninjago is reporting that a Ninjago Movie is in the works. As of now we have no release date or other information on the matter. Hopefully this will come out in 2014 as well! We’ll keep you posted.

“After the very enthusiastic reaction to the trailer for The LEGO Movie, Warner Bros. is rolling out another film based on the popular toys. The Hollywood Reporter says that brothers Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman will write a screenplay based on the popular LEGO series “Ninjago.” The Hagerman brothers also worked on The LEGO Movie and the “Ninjago” animated series for Cartoon Network.

Details on the upcoming film aren’t available, but it is said to go in a different direction with the property than the Cartoon Network series which featured a combination of Chinese and Japanese myths mixed among the various ninjas. Check back here for more updates on Ninjago as they become available.”

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