LEGO Ninjago Discontinued in 2013

By Nathan Lyle On 13 Jun, 2012 At 11:01 AM | Categorized As Lego News | With 22 Comments

LEGO has rumored that they will be discontinuing the LEGO Ninjago brand in 2013. It has also be rumored that the LEGO Ninjago cartoon show on Cartoon Network will have one more season along with some sets released early 2013. This will be the last wave of sets for this theme. Follow the link to view LEGO’s last LEGO Ninjago wave: CLICK HERE

Updated: Click here to view the new LEGO theme that is replacing LEGO Ninjago: CLICK HERE

BIG UPDATE: LEGO has announced that the theme will be brought back in 2014: CLICK HERE

Update: LEGO Ninjago 2014 set rumors CLICK HERE

This makes you wonder what theme will be replacing LEGO Ninjago. Will the new theme be Legend of Korra?

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  1. legomaster1378 says:

    Legend of Korra sets would be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nolan says:

    I highly doubt they would do Korra. Like I have told many people, they have already tried avatar the last airbender so what would make them think the sequel would sell any better. I would love it if they did though. I hope to god though it isnt avatar the last airbender the movie becuase I would kill myself. Screw that movie

  3. baseboy311 says:

    they made avatar but those got discontiued almost imediatly legend of kora is stupiud and will NEVER be a lego theme

  4. makuta555 says:

    i hope that lego korra set will never be made if it is it will probably bankrupt lego because no one would by it

  5. ImportantMessage! says:

    No, even worse.
    Remember those Lego Friends obnoxious sets?
    They’re replacing the show with THAT.
    Terrible, right?
    Me and some other guys at Warriorcats rpg have started a protest.
    Go sign the petition at Warrior Cats RPG.

  6. hot dov says:

    Like anything could be better than ninjago.
    At least the already have good sets… but they NEED A VIDEO GAME
    NOT THAT LAME DS GAME!!!!! SOMETHING LIKE Leyla starwars or legion batman

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  8. alex clinton says:

    i hate avatar and korra but i really like ninjago so this is what we should do: we go to where ever they make ninjagoand have a revolutin so they can still make the best ninjago ever


  9. Alexis HUETE says:

    Please don’t discontinue lego Ninjago because it’s the best lego series in the world.I always see it every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30.The persons that made lego Ninjago I wanted to say that I DON’T WANT TO DISCONTINUE LEGO NINJAGO!

  10. Alexis HUETE says:

    Hey Alex Clinton I am with YOU!

  11. Alexis HUETE says:


  12. Nobody knows me. I am Alexis Huete I changed it to my name to my youtube name.

  13. Who is with me, who doesn’t wants to discontinue lego NINJAGO!

  14. emilio says:

    I think they lego ninjago.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. emilio says:

    sorry about the miss type. I wish they don’t take it away.

  16. kendra martin says:

    i would be lost with out Lego NinjaGo it is the only thing i watch i won’t watch anything else but that and they encourage me a lot just think how many kids they would let down for doing this. this show has taught me so much about everything

  17. kendra martin says:

    okay someone just told me they personally contacted lego and they are not discontinuing lego ninjago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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