LEGO Mr. Gold Scandal Increases

Brick Fanatics has released this interesting article that I’d like to share with you. The article talks about the problems with the Mr. Gold Minifigure and how it is affecting people. Enjoy!

LEGO Mr. Gold Scandal Increases

LEGO Mr. Gold Minifigure (Worth thousands of Dollars!)

“So Mr.Gold is causing issues big time. Huw has named it Goldgate so credit to him for name and it is the second LEGO scandal after the Jabbagate fiasco earlier this year. For those unaware Mr. Gold is a race series 10 minifigure and there is only 5,000 of them worldwide. This has firstly upset collectors who will now have to part from serious dollar to get hold of him.

However that is only the tip of the iceberg, firstly the minifigure is made with the Chinese plastic which a lot of purists hate and most who are finding him are finding that he is scratched. Those who have found him are cashing in on the collectors wanting him and some have been fetching silly money on Ebay already. Series 10 is officially launched in the UK this week but Smyths and WHSmiths have already started selling them.

As retailers and their staff have gotten wind of the price these minifigs will sell for, staff are getting to search for them before going on the shop floor, Huw reported one Toys R Us have a notice saying “warned the customers all of their packets have been checked for Mr. Gold before they made it to the floor.” Another case is someone bought seven sealed boxes did not find Mr.Gold and returned all of them for a full refund. This is really bringing the worse out of people and retailers and LEGO have really screwed up with this one.

The chances of a kid who collects these getting a Mr.Gold are slim at best. It has caused heated discussions on all major LEGO sites and on the Ambassador forum. Someone on there mentioned one of the leading people behind the Collectable minifigure series used to work for Topps (Trading Cards) so this sort of stunt should have been expected.

Personally it is another middle finger up to the consumers. So far this year LEGO Brand retail seems to have got it in for AFOLS, those in LUGS will know what I mean and now those who have spent their hard earnt money to get the entire CMF collection will not either have to miss out on Mr.Gold or pay stupid amount of money. Seems LEGO has gotten lost recently and forgotten their core values and are thinking about milking as much money out of it’s loyal customer base as possible.

There has been numerous suggestions about how LEGO could have handled this better, post your suggestions and vent your anger. Or if you are a lucky one and managed to get one let us know!”

Via: Brick Fanatics

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