LEGO Mr. Gold Scandal Increases

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Brick Fanatics has released this interesting article that I’d like to share with you. The article talks about the problems with the Mr. Gold Minifigure and how it is affecting people. Enjoy!

LEGO Mr. Gold Scandal Increases

LEGO Mr. Gold Minifigure (Worth thousands of Dollars!)

“So Mr.Gold is causing issues big time. Huw has named it Goldgate so credit to him for name and it is the second LEGO scandal after the Jabbagate fiasco earlier this year. For those unaware Mr. Gold is a race series 10 minifigure and there is only 5,000 of them worldwide. This has firstly upset collectors who will now have to part from serious dollar to get hold of him.

However that is only the tip of the iceberg, firstly the minifigure is made with the Chinese plastic which a lot of purists hate and most who are finding him are finding that he is scratched. Those who have found him are cashing in on the collectors wanting him and some have been fetching silly money on Ebay already. Series 10 is officially launched in the UK this week but Smyths and WHSmiths have already started selling them.

As retailers and their staff have gotten wind of the price these minifigs will sell for, staff are getting to search for them before going on the shop floor, Huw reported one Toys R Us have a notice saying “warned the customers all of their packets have been checked for Mr. Gold before they made it to the floor.” Another case is someone bought seven sealed boxes did not find Mr.Gold and returned all of them for a full refund. This is really bringing the worse out of people and retailers and LEGO have really screwed up with this one.

The chances of a kid who collects these getting a Mr.Gold are slim at best. It has caused heated discussions on all major LEGO sites and on the Ambassador forum. Someone on there mentioned one of the leading people behind the Collectable minifigure series used to work for Topps (Trading Cards) so this sort of stunt should have been expected.

Personally it is another middle finger up to the consumers. So far this year LEGO Brand retail seems to have got it in for AFOLS, those in LUGS will know what I mean and now those who have spent their hard earnt money to get the entire CMF collection will not either have to miss out on Mr.Gold or pay stupid amount of money. Seems LEGO has gotten lost recently and forgotten their core values and are thinking about milking as much money out of it’s loyal customer base as possible.

There has been numerous suggestions about how LEGO could have handled this better, post your suggestions and vent your anger. Or if you are a lucky one and managed to get one let us know!”

Via: Brick Fanatics

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  1. Paul says:

    I have complete sets of all of the previous series, and I intend to get every one of them until they stop making them. For Mr Gold, I’m actually glad that he’s not as great as he could be, because I am surprisingly not upset by the fact that i will most likely never find one. I will still continue to search for him, but not with the crazy furvor I thought I’d have. The odds are just so slim that there isn’t really a joy in this hunt. Plus, the figure really isn’t too tough to pick out just by feeling the bags. If Lego really wanted to do this “right,” they should have inserted a random gold colored fig that was based on a series 10. That way, you couldn’t really feel for a different figure. It really would be luck of the draw as a gold Socialite would feel the same as a regular Socialite.

    What I’m really hoping for is this: The codes that come with Mr Gold are a mystery. I’m hoping that once these are revealed and their value is sapped (for example, let’s pretend you get to visit the Lego factory between June and July) and they are redeemed, Lego will release a ton of them into the marketplace. That way, everyone who wants a complete minifigure set can get one, but the ones who got it early will still get the value.

  2. Brady says:

    I believe this scam would have been avoided by packaging each series 10 figures in a small box instead of a package that could be felt to see what’s in there i.e. hat,cane, etc.

  3. lacy says:

    I agree that they should have placed a similar figure that’s not gold to avoid people feeling them out. Currently on ebay the same seller has two posted, very frustrating!

  4. brian says:

    Just have the winning codes printed in random bags with regular mini figs. Then you have to redeem it at Lego store. This would make it impossible to feel for and would create local excitement at the stores, like when people win the lottery. Its really not rocket science.

    • Warren says:

      Your solution is the best! Just have the golden ticket inside the pouch!

      • Drewzer says:

        I’ve been saying a bunch of the same things about baseball cards.
        1: Put them in a box instead of a bag so people can’t search them by feel.
        2: And I almost don’t even want to say this because it may give the searchers ideas, but I’m assuming they already thought of this: baseball pack searchers will buy a large quantity of packs and weigh them and the ones that weigh differently than the others, theoretically have the special cards. My solution is add or reduce the number of cards to make them a uniform weight. With the Legos, I assume Mr. Gold weighs differently than bee girl or Medusa, but they could put a little plastic slug in there to make them all weigh the same.
        3: I do this with the Hot Wheels because the guys come in my store for the treasure hunts. I know what time they show up and put the new stuff out after they have left, take the treasure hunts myself and put them in the Toys For Tots bins at the end of the year. I figure if they’re going to destroy our displays so they can sell a $1 toy on Ebay for $3-15, and screw over the kids, I’m going to turn around and screw them over instead.

  5. Katrina says:

    I got Mr. Gold. I will keep him though..the crazy money people are selling him for seems…insane

  6. Steven says:

    I just got him, from a shop-at-home order. Only added a few minifigs to get a free Hoth Han and the minifig poster. What makes this even cooler… I was at the local lego store (vancouver) checking out the ding-dent selection (nabbed Red 5 for 20% off with a minor puncture wound) and some guy was sitting on the floor testing all the series 10 packages (was there when I arrived, was there when I left… and I had a pretty long conversation with the staff regarding local Master builders and techniques…)… I get home and my FedEx has arrived and I happy to have Han and figure lets open a minifig… first one I open and it’s wow….

    Yes I’m Lego-otaku but not that crazy of LEGO-OTAKU

  7. CEDAR_KING says:

    I found one! I probably felt hundreds of bags in two different Walmarts before I got him. 3066/5000.

  8. This is ridiculous! I’ve been to 18+ stores and have felt hundreds of bags, and no Mr. Gold. I hope Lego never does this treasure-hunt gimmick again. Check out my story and map here

  9. […] People have been frustrated about how LEGO handled this promotion, which you can read about in the LEGO Mr. Gold Scandal Increases article. However Mr. Gold is popping up around the world and above we have a map of where […]

  10. Nick says:

    Hello I have just visited my local whsmiths and have found a Mr Gold. I have been searching for 3 weeks and have searched through 10 boxes. My advice for finding one is 1) don’t give up and 2) look for his hat and cane. I really mean this good luck to everyone.

  11. qwerty says:

    i have been looking for mr gold for a month now, but i still havnt found him, but i wont pay 800 bucks online. for all the kids reading this, from what i’ve seen he isnt impressive

  12. martyn says:

    hi i got one of the fabled mr gold today i went into w h smiths bought one pack went home forgot about for about 4 hours opend it up and it was in the pack so pleased first time lucky so dont give up hope if you want one just buy one thinking you wont get one and mabey you will

  13. Just to say that a Mr Gold was found in Ducklings Toy Shop, Marlborough, Wiltshire UK. A small but great toy shop in a traditional English market town. It was found by a small boy who collects his regular figure with his weekly pocket money. No bag feeling involved. Perfect story.

  14. Janne says:

    Lego company could have made more Mr Golds and sell them to customers individually packed for like 10-15 euros or so. They would have made even more money in the end and everybody would have a very own Mr Gold!

  15. hi says:

    I am angry at the ‘feel before but on sale’ scandal, and I therefore feel that non chain stores should buy more boxes, as they are less likely to check for a Mr Gold first.

  16. jacob lawson says:

    i am 13 and don’t really like the lego minifigures but one day my sister got me one from tescos, inside was mr gold. two years later i go down to london to see my great aunt and my uncle tells me about its worth.

  17. Conner berkowitz says:

    hey there i just recently bought a package for series 10 at a target in my home town it was in a clearance aisle with a few others so when i take it up to the cash register the person laughs at me for buying it and looking for MR. Gold because he the bonefied collector at this target had not found any in the store and then leaving the store i hear him call me an idiot and overenthusiastic kid who is to stupid to realize when to stop looking to a coworker. i first off never said i was looking for Mr. gold i was looking for another figure entirely but i had bought the bag with out feeling it for a bet with one of my friends to see if i could get Mr. gold i was just using it to get the figure. i then walked two blocks to my local comic and card shop (i play yugioh) where my friend was waiting there i opened the bag to my genuine surprise got a Mr. gold my friend whose cousin (a very big idiot) TOLD THE ENTIRE PEOPLE PLAYING YUGIOH (THIS GAME SUPRISINGLY IS NOT VERY KID FRIENDLY PEOPLE WHO PLAY YUGIOH (not every one though) TO TAKE THEIR CHANCES ON PACKS AND OTHER ITEMS WITH CHANCE AND EVEN THEN ITEMS THAT ALREADY SAY AN ITEM IS IN THEIR (ITEM=CARDS) WITH NO COST (STICKY FINGERS ANYONE (NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOD OR THOSE ITEMS BY THE WAY( FOR THOSE WHO DON’T GET IT STEAL)) THEY EVEN RESULT TO RIPPING OTHER PEOPLE OFF LIKE ME WHO ARE GENUINELY PLAY IT FOR FUN OR LITTLE KIDS WHO HAVE KNOW IDEA WHAT THEIR LITTLE DANTE THE TRAVEELER OF THE ABYSS CARD IS WORTH ( )yugioh hasits own market where this baby is roughly 70%$ seriuosly this guy gave a kid a common worth 25 censt for a 70 dollar card telling the little kid it is worth nearly 200 not 25 cents and the kid is ripping of the older guty buy older guty i mean 17+) sometimes if you get something expensive in those stores you dont announce it sorry i should say those stores are rare because most stores that have people are decent and frown on stealing and if you are caught they ban you. but sadly this story takes place at one of those rare asshole filled shops because my friends cousin (idiot) wanted to go to a tournament store where he lives they don’t have asshole shops lucky him. me and my friend tried to tell his mom to take us to the better shop but sadly that one was different city and she did not want =to drive extra miles and since all stores are good where she comes from (ignorance is bliss apparently) she chalked it down to us not liking store. so i get back from jaunt get Mr. gold idiot cousin yells look 800$ Lego figure everyone goes know way store owner looks it up and says hes right hey kid i will give you 100 store credit 50 cash (pointed towards me obviously i don’t accept because that is a flagrant rip off and i am not stupid like per say cousin) the offer amount should tell you what the store owner is like and apparently if you are to get something stolen from you the owner has a 15 dollar search fee don’t get excited about search fee all he does for that outrage 15 dollar search fee is ask one person can be you if they stole it and they answer done nothing stolen has ever been reclaimed. so continuing my story my friend takes a selfie of me and Lego mr. gold with (important) with the authenticity code clear shot of the exact numbers the tournament gets started half way through the tourny store owner asks me to talk to him i do and ask my friend to watch bag i have known him since we were born our parents are knew each other in col ledge so i know he did not steal it. when talking to store owner my friends cousin gets in fight with another person in tournament because other guy insulted him. next thing i know my friend is breaking up fight (football player can bench close to 150 do not want to mess with him) leaving bag unattended. i come back to tourney after declining knew offer for 200 cash 150 credit for figure. so i get too bag all my yugioh cards there but bag overturned my gold was gone the owner then after asking what was wrong i had just cussed pretty badly which was unlike me so he then offers to search every ones bag free of charge me to relieved to realize he never did that never let him he then searched and said he never found it at this i was pissed because he had only searched four bags before someone asked for tourney to begin again. he then stopped searching began tourney me and my friend left early due to us being pissed at gold and my friends cousin (well even though he is idiot he is my friends cousin and is 14) got in a fight he did not start was just defending himself and got a knife pulled on him to but store owner still went with consistent customer (rich parents spoiled 17 year old who drops like 1000 a week at store) and got cousin band even though three people said the rich 17 year old had started calling cousins mom whore and threatening to rape her and when that did not escalate threw first punch but my friend’s cousin still got labelled as fight starter threw first punch. even though their was recording everyone ignored it. my friend’s aunt picked is up. day later i come in to store to ask about gold to find the owner bidding off a mr. gold who just coincidentally had same authenticity code as mine from picture bragging how his five year old son (whose next to him bragging about epic find in target) found this very mr gold in target. so yeah i call him it out he says he has know idea what i am talking about and that i never found a mister gold or had a Lego mini figure pack in his store when i showed the picture my friend text ed me that morning of what he took to comemorate me finding gold the man said he allowed tournament entrants to take pictures with it and showed on computer emails from other tournaments entrants posing with the gold the time stamp showed they were taken ten minutes after i left but on the same day. sadly the bidders had no idea i left early so what do i do the owner is still auctioning off the figure and how do i prove he stole it any ideas or suggestions please comment

    • Greendude says:

      Well you can obviously go to the police or you can take it out on his store. Police if you really want Mr. gold, smash his store to bits if you want satisfaction.

  18. Rhea says:

    Hi I am looking to find out if anywhere says how many have been found to date? Thanks x

  19. Laura says:

    Hi. I have a Mr Gold which is new but the outer pack is opened. The inner one is sealed and the code is unused. I bought the pack as a stocking filler for my son a couple of years back and forgot about it and now he has sort of outgrown it, so I would rather sell to a collector as I know they are hard to find. I am in the UK. What is my best way to sell?

    • Dylan says:

      I would buy it off you. How much are you willing to sell it for and where abouts do you live?

    • Dylan says:

      Hello Laura, I am a Lego collector in the UK and would be willing to buy the figure if it is still availablle. Whereabouts in the UK do you live, as I would prefer to collect in person? Thanks, Dylan.

  20. dczagz says:

    Hi. I guess Im just upset that I have a series of mini figures ( series 10) and the
    void feeling of having this series as a collector. Because Mr. Gold cannot be absent in conversation when mentioning this series. Its as if, you have a incomplete series set although mr. gold was a #17 figure. What bothers me is the way Lego did this, and how it gave more opportunity to store employees to search out and benefit, than dedicated Lego Mini figure collectors. Why can’t Lego still offer Mr. Gold? Somehow figure it into a reward points system, without getting total redic in points needed.
    Lego broke I mean broke a lot of kids and adult collectors hearts with this move.

  21. Brian Grove says:

    I found one in Toys r Us in Mechanicsburg Central Penn

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