LEGO Monster Fighters Summer Sets 2012

LEGO recently released images for the upcoming LEGO Monster Fighters sets! The sets are expected to be released in June 2012. Thanks to Eurobricks for providing the source. Which is your favorite set?

9461 The Swamp Monster
Price: $6.99
Minifigures: Frank Rock, Swamp Monster
Pieces: 70

9462 Mummy
Price: $11.99
Minifigures: Mummy, Ann Lee
Pieces: 90

9463 The Werewolf
Price: Not Announced
Minifigures: Werewolf, Explorer
Pieces: 243

9468 The Vampyre Castle
Price: Not Announced
Minifigures: Lord Vampyre, Dracula’s Bride, Bat Monster (x2), Dr. Rodney, Jack McHammer
Pieces: 956

9466 The Mad Professor And His Monster
Price: $49.99
Minifigures: Frankenstein, The Monster, Dr. Rodney, Explorer
Pieces: 422

9467 Ghost Train
Price: $79.99
Minifigures: Ghost (x3), Ann Lee, Frank Rock
Pieces: 740

9464 Vampyre Hearse
Price: $34.99
Minifigures: Lord Vampyre, Renfield, Dr. Rodney
Pieces: 313

Which is your favorite set?

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