LEGO Modern Marine Minifigs4u Review

LEGO Modern Marine Minifigs4u Review

LEGO Modern Marine Minifigs4u Review

Welcome to BrickUltra’s review of the LEGO Modern Marine from Minifigs4u! In this review, I will be taking a look at the LEGO custom Minifigure called the “Modern Marine”. This Minifigure was designed by David Hall and HJ Media. At the moment, this Minifigure was only available at BrickFair Virginia 2013, however it should be on the site soon.

The LEGO Modern Marine Minifigs4u retails for $25.00. Does this Minifigure compare to other custom LEGO Soldiers! Let’s find out!

Video Review

Instead of doing a lengthy review on the one Minifigure, I decide it’s best if you just watch the video review. Enjoy!

The Verdict

The Modern Marine from Minifigs4u is incredibly detailed! David Hall and HJ Media did an amazing job on the desert camo on the figure. Like the custom LEGO Destiny Minifigure, the Modern Marine is printed on practically every possible part of the LEGO Minifigure. The orange goggles add a neat effect for the Minifigures head, and the sun glare over them is a nice added bonus. Overall the figure is very detailed and the desert camo gives the figure an incredible look compared to other custom LEGO Soldiers on the market!

The Score = 9/10

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