LEGO MOC of the Week – The End of the Line

Hey guys, welcome to the MOC of the Week Section. Future MOC selections will be taken from our BrickUltra Flickr group so you can join that here: CLICK HERE. This week we’ll be featuring the “The End of the Line” created by Flickr user Mark of Falworth.

LEGO MOC of the Week - The End of the Line

Here’s the MOC Description:
Mark sprinted away from the dreaded lair of Karain the Shadow. He ducked and plunged his way through the dense foliage. It didn’t matter where he was going, he just needed to get as far away as possible. After a few miles, Mark could smell salt in the air. The jungles were beginning to dissipate as sandy dunes emerged round about.

Mark clambered over a huge boulder to see a majestic sight, the ocean. He stumbled out onto the sandy beach and the waves washed over his feet. The sea spanned the entire horizon. Yes… Mark was stranded on an island!

He swallowed hard.

“This means it’s only a matter of time before they find me…”

A rough voice bellowed from behind our hero.

“Not too much time, I trust.”

Mark whirled around to see four big, burly, menacing warriors. He was surrounded, cornered on the beach!

Mark, while still oblivious as to his identity, felt strangely calm confronting such beastly, perilous odds.

He proudly brandished his weapon.

“It seems you have the advantage of me, sir. And to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?”

“None of your business! Surrender or die!”

“Well, Mr. None Of Your Business, do I have any other options, like a negotiated settlement, perhaps?”

Another warrior snarled contemptuously.

“NO! Those are your ONLY options, you fool!”

Mark smiled. He was starting to get to them…

“What if I were to kill you four instead?”

The four outlaws hesitated. They, unlike Mark, were aware of Mark’s previous exploits during battles.

Mark wanted to stall them with conversation long enough to come up with another brilliant plan.

“But if you are all willing to be reasonable, I’m sure we can reach an affable agreement.”

The outlaw in golden armor was not to be put off.

“Karain’s orders were to bring you back dead or alive, and we were to succeed, or die trying.”

“I reckon you to be the leader of these brutes by that fine armor you sport. Spiffy stuff indeed, where did you get it?”

“Enough of this rambling! ATTACK!”

–To Be Continued!–

This is my kind of MOC. A nice beach, big bushy palmtrees, guys with epic weapons about to duke it out. Yeah.

What do you guys think about the MOC, leave a comment below!

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