LEGO Minifigures Series 9 Rumor

By Nathan Lyle On 29 Oct, 2012 At 07:24 PM | Categorized As Lego News | With 6 Comments

Updated: Added Series 9 images! Click the following link to view more images: CLICK HERE

The Daily Brick has recently leaked the names for the LEGO Minifigures Series 9 list. The new series will be released January 2013 and will be sold in silver packets. What do you think about the Series 9 list?

•Alien Trooper
•Chicken Suit Guy
•Maid Marion
•Heroic Knight
•Fortune Teller
•Dr. Splitz
•Roller Derby Girl
•Battle Mech
•Downtown Cop
•Hollywood Starlet

Thanks to The Daily Brick for providing the source.

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  1. Paul says:

    While some of these sound like repaints (Alien Trooper, Heroic Knight) of some recent lines, overall, I’m much more excited about this series than series 8. That one had a lot of repaints/”companion” pieces, and I’ve always liked the originality of these blind-bags.

    A lot of these guys sound like fun additions. I’m particularly excited to see the Battle Mech. That might be my first Army Build!

  2. Blakstone says:

    If true, this set has a lot I am interested in. I definitely want Maid Marion, Cyclops, and Caesar.

    Depending on how they look, I might also want Heroic Knight, Mermaid, and Fortune Teller.

    As you can tell, I prefer the history / mythology minifigs. I generally am not interested in the City or Space ones. That said, I think this set has great balance for all three types of collectors.

  3. Dan says:

    Seems rather boring. Nothing that made me sit up and say, “Oh, boy! Can’t wait!” Yawn

  4. Henry says:

    Heroic Knight would be the worst one from this series, and the only one i dont want xD Others look awesome, especially Dr Splitz :3

  5. L Adams says:

    Yesturday while finishing my xmas shopping, i discoverd that (for you british guys) WHSmith have them in the stores realy early i dont know if this was a mistake but i spent a good hour finding them all. and i must say i was shocked to get them so early they are awesome.

    I think that many people have stumbled onto this and are now on the dreaded auction website.
    you are going to love them Even the heroic knight which i think looks cool

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