LEGO Minifigures Series 8 Pictures

LEGO has revealed the Minifigures for Series 8. The figures are expected to be availible in September 2012. The bag color for this series will be black. Here is a list of the Series 8 Minifigures:

Ancient Thespis with a skull
Boy in Bavarian costume with a pretzel
Conquistador with a rapier
Cowgirl with a brown lasso
Diver with a water gun
DJ with a disc and a disc case
Enemy Robot with a laser gun
Evil Female Alien with a laser gun
Fairy with wings and a wand
Football Player with gold trophy
Pirate Captain with gold cutlass and hook
Red Cheerleader with red pom poms
Santa Claus with sack
Trader with newspaper and suitcase

Thanks to Brickset for providing the source.

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