LEGO Minecraft The Village Micro World Set Review

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LEGO Minecraft The Village Micro World Set Review

LEGO Minecraft The Village Micro World Set Review

Welcome to BrickUltra’s review of the LEGO Minecraft The Village Micro World Set! In this review, I will be taking a look at the new LEGO 21105 Minecraft The Village Micro World Set. This marks the next step in the LEGO and Minecraft collaboration.

The Minecraft The Village Micro World comes with 466 pieces and retails for $34.99. Does this set beat the original Minecraft! Let’s find out!

Box and Contents

The box is similarly shaped to a Minecraft block from the actual game. The set comes with three Micro mobs in a Villager, a Zombie, and a Pig. The LEGO Minecraft The Village Micro World includes 466 pieces and is recommended for ages 10+. The back of the box reveals all three LEGO Minecraft sets produced at the moment with “The Forest”, “The Village”, and “The Nether”.


While the LEGO Minecraft Micro World set’s don’t actually come with Minifigures, the new set does come with 3 micro mob LEGO figures. The 3 micro mob LEGO figures included are a Villager, a Zombie, and a Pig! All 3 figures follow the unique size style seen back in the original LEGO Minecraft set.

The Build

The set takes roughly 25-45 minutes to complete and is overall a pretty neat build. The set consists of you building the four stages that in the end will connect to each other. Out of the three sets this is probably the most colorful.

The Completed Model
The complete model is pretty well details considering these are micro worlds. In the video review we’ll show off a lot of the underground cave railroad system along with the Villager Town.

Video Review

If your interested in watching seeing the set in person, please view the video we made highlighting it’s features. Enjoy the video review and make sure to comment! Subscribe to BrickUltra’s main channel to stay up to date on LEGO reviews and brickfilms on Youtube: Subscribe

The Verdict

The Village set takes place in a swamp biome, with a small portion of a mountainous snow biome. This set I would recommend for any fan of Minecraft or LEGO. Out of the three LEGO Minecraft sets this might actually rank number one on my list! I truly think this is my favorite because LEGO makes and effort to have both well designed details on both the top and bottom of the set. The reason why “The Forest” isn’t my favorite is because they don’t really take advantage of the cave system like they do in “The Village” with the railroads and TNT, but also “The Forest” only comes with two micromobs.

For investors the LEGO Minecraft The Village Micro World Set is a no brainer for the secondary market, this set is going to be very very valuable as of now but also when they retire this set. Unlike the original set, this new set won’t be as valuable considering LEGO, hopefully, will meet the demand need for production because the original LEGO Minecraft set was almost always sold out which made for great benefits on the secondary market. So in the end this is a must buy if your a Minecraft fan, if your not a fan or only have choice of one of the LEGO Minecraft sets I would say you should pass on this set.

The Score = 9/10

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