LEGO making Minifigure Scale LEGO Minecraft sets

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LEGO making Minifigure Scale LEGO Minecraft sets

LEGO has just announced that they plan to create Minifigure Scale LEGO Minecraft sets! This is probably due to the huge success that the LEGO Minecraft Micro Worlds have had. What do you think about Minifigure Scale LEGO Minecraft sets?

Official Press Release from the LEGO Team:
We’re excited to announce that we are launching a new line of LEGO Minecraft sets in minifigure scale. Right now we are in the middle of the development of these and would love your input. Check out

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  1. […] Michaelmgf recently attended Minecon 2013, a Minecraft convention. Designers from The LEGO Group were attending to interact with fans and to gather opinions on their initial prototypes for the new line. One of them also confirmed that this would not result in the discontinuation of the microworld sets, which is a relief. Enjoy his video with the LEGO designers and their discussion on the LEGO Minecraft prototypes! If you haven’t seen the LEGO Minecraft press release: CLICK HERE […]

  2. Dakota says:

    Hope the new sets come out soon because I’m tired of waiting for Lego to make a mini-figure scale. This also may be from I’ve wanted this befor the micro ones came out!!!!

  3. Dakota says:

    Also if Lego minecraft wants to make a better shelter you might want to add chest, crafting tables, and photos always seem to make a home fell like a home. It also would be cool if you put some light up bricks in representation of glow stone. These are just a few things that can make Steve’s shelter better!!!

  4. […] into the LEGO Minecraft Micro World. A few months ago LEGO announced that they would be making LEGO Minecraft Minifigure scale sets for the […]

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