LEGO Lord of the Rings Art

Recently Warner Bros. hired an art crew to create something for the upcoming video game LEGO Lord of the Rings at Comic Con. The artwork was created on a large 11×13 canvas. The original design of the image was created by Leon Keer, art director of Planet Streetpainting.

Leon Keer said this on the artwork:
“I made a design with two main characters of the movie (Frodo and Aragorn) but then made them stand out as Lego figures. In the design, you will encounter a Lord of the Rings landscape and several elements, like they would appear in the game.

Design was made by me and the creation was done by Planet Streetpainting artists Peter Westerink, Roland Josuttis, Julio Jiménez and me. It was a great experience, although it was tough staying focused with all the crazy costumed people passing by.”

Thanks to Brickfanatics for providing the source.

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