LEGO looking to Acquire “Despicable Me” License

LEGO looking to Acquire "Despicable Me" License

A new rumor around the LEGO community is that LEGO is seeking to acquire the building toy license for the animated films “Despicable Me”. The mention of the move first appeared on reddit by the user legocody, the same person that confirmed the LEGO Parisian House set. With that safety in mind, this rumor could be true and hopefully LEGO does acquire the rights to use “Despicable Me”. Here is legocody’s post:

Hello friends, my rather reliable friend has provided new and exciting info he would like me to share with you. Keep in mind that this is the same fellow who provided early exclusive pictures of the Parisian House. Keep in mind the fact that this is the same fellow who provided that false Simpsons set list.

My friend says that Lego Group is attempting to negotiate a license for Despicable Me sets for the next film. He knows someone at Lego, and own a smaller toy shop in the United Kingdom.

I hope this is a true thing, as I like Lego and my daughter loves the Minions. Take care and God bless.

This is interesting considering that a new Despicable Me movie is in the works titled “Minions” set to come out in 2015 so we might see our first sightings on LEGO Despicable Me sets in 2015. What do you think, leave a comment below with your opinion!

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