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LEGO recently leaked set images for the new Disney theme “The Lone Ranger”! The images were obtained from an early issue of the LEGO consumer catalog, which is covering sets that will be available April 2013. The images reveal the line up for the new theme and I have to say this theme looks impressive.

The details in each set are amazing and I think this theme will do well in the market compared to some Disney themes (cough, cough Prince of Persia). I have high hopes for both the sets and the movie! What’s your opinion, comment below!

Set List (Translated)
• 79106 – Kavallerie Set, 14,99€ (‘Cavalry Set’)
• 79107 – Lager der Comanchen, 29,99€ (‘Comanche Camp’)
• 79108 – Flucht mit der Postkutsche, 49.99€ (‘Stagecoach Escape’)
• 79109 – Duell in Colby City, 59,99€ (‘Colby City Duel’)
• 79110 – Gefahr in der Silbermine, 79,99€ (‘Danger in the Silver Mine’)
• 79111 – Eisenbahnjagd, 99,99€ (‘Train Chase’)

Thanks to Brickset for providing the source.

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  1. […] Recently LEGO announced another new them for 2013! The new theme ties in with the Disney movie The Lone Ranger. The new theme is expected to release April 2013. What do you think about the new theme? Click the following link to view set images: CLICK HERE […]

  2. TaylorPlacePro says:

    Impressive indeed. It’s about time they did another good old-fashioned Western theme!

  3. Nasrsarian/ Smoky Air Studios says:

    Wow. I really like the smallest one, the Cavalry set. The set’s I’ll buy next year will probably be the cavalry set from this, Droideka vs Clone battlepack fom Starwars and the doors &windows bricks and more set (All will have uses in brickfilming)

  4. Aidan Flynn says:

    Prince of Persia was a great theme. While the movie wasn’t the best, as far as a one-wave LEGO theme goes, it was one of the best.

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