LEGO Ideas of the Week: SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket

In this section we help promote LEGO Idea projects to help them reach the 10,000 likes needed for their idea to get created! This week we feature the idea called SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket created by rejsmont. Here’s what the creator had to say about the idea:

LEGO Ideas of the Week SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket

This is a 1:76 scale model of SpaceX Falcon 9FT and Falcon Heavy together with (optionally transparent) payload fairing, Dragon and Dragon 2 spacecraft. It was designed to feature as many original features as possible and maintain the aspect ratio of individual components as closely as possible.

Currently, it is one of 3 Falcon designs available on LEGO Ideas. It does, however, have a few benefits over others.

-Each booster has a 6×6 footprint and is over one meter tall (with second stage and payload fairing) when assembled!
-F9 rockets are readily stackable to Falcon Heavy configuration
-Landing legs and grid fins are at the 45-degree to the main booster axis, just as in the original
-Dragon and Dragon 2 capsules have quite a few parts and could easily be packaged as separate sets
-The payload fairing provides generous space for some more satellite designs

I really hope you enjoy this one.

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