LEGO Exclusive Sopwith Camel Set

LEGO has leaked images of a new LEGO set called “Sopwith Camel”! This set is expected to be released in June/July! Thanks to Brickset for providing the source. What do you think about this set?

LEGO Exclusive Sopwith Camel

Price $99.99 €89.99

Relive a classic era of aviation history with the Sopwith Camel biplane. This set lets you recreate a detailed replica of one of the most recognizable British single-seat biplanes ever to have graced the skies. Features include a realistic rotating propeller and engine cylinders, a hinged tail rudder, realistic tension wires, functioning wing ailerons and tail flaps that can be controlled from the cockpit.

– Detailed replica
– Rotating propeller and engine cylinders
– Hinged tail rudder
– Functioning wing ailerons
– Tail flaps can be controlled from cockpit”

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