LEGO – BRICKULTRA Pocket Sized MiNi Candy Machine Review + Giveaway!

BrickUltra Custom Pocket Sized MiNi Candy Machine

Recently, AstonishingStudios partnered with BrickUltra to create a “BrickUltra Custom Machines” line, where a collection of AstonishingStudios/BrickUltra Lego machines will be available for purchase. In this video AstonishingStudios reviews our first product, Pocket Sized MiNi Candy Machine, which is a 6×4 candy machine which costs a penny for a gobstopper.
Each set is meant for people ages 4+ and comes with sevety-eight pieces, a bag of gobstoppers and a penny.
The price of the Pocket Sized MiNi Candy Machine will decrease over time.

Purchase a Pocket Sized MiNi Candy Machine Here: CLICK HERE
Purchase an “AstonishingStudios Approved” channel banner template here: LINK COMING SOON

To enter the AstonishingStudios August giveaway for a chance to win an AstonishingStudios Approved banner and possibly a Pocket Sized MiNi Candy Machine, one must follow these rules:
1. One must be subscribed to AstonishingStudios, BrickUltra and ReactiveDesigns. The subscription links are:

2. Leave a comment on this video.

3. We ship worldwide.

4. One must enter by August 31st, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST time. The winners will be contacted via YouTube Messages Inbox, and need to respond to their message within 72 hours.

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