LEGO 5 Villians Character Pack Pre-Order Bonus

By Nathan Lyle On 10 Apr, 2012 At 09:17 PM | Categorized As Video Games | With 14 Comments

LEGO has announced another pre-order bonus for LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes! If you pre-order the game you will unlock 5 new villains for in-game use! The characters in the villians character pack are Bizarro, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Black Manta, and Gorilla Grodd. These characters can only be obtained if you pre-order the game. The pre-order deal is only available at GameStop and EBGames. Hurry up and go pre-order the game! 🙂

Click the link to view the LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes trailer and get info on the game: CLICK HERE

Click the link to view LEGO Lex Luthor Pre-Order Bonus: CLICK HERE

LEGO Super Heroes New for 2012

Thanks to BrickHeroes for providing the source.

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  1. Johnny says:

    How to you get all those guys are they minifigs or requirements in the game

  2. George says:

    Are these bonus characters (the heroes OR the villains pack) available on WII? On Amazon, it looks like the bonus isn’t offered for WII, but is for Xbox and DS. I’m getting ready to pre-order and really want this bonus if it’s available.

    Thanks for the info!

  3. Yasmine says:

    What if you didn’t pre order Lego batman 2 and just bought it can u still get these characters 5 Villains bonous

  4. Yasmine says:

    What is DLC? Sorry not that into gaming this is for my son who is 8

    • LegoSantaMoss says:

      DLC stands for downloadable content meaning you’ll have to look in the marketplace for that game addition. Because it was a pre-order bonus it might be several months before it’s open to the public.

  5. yasmine says:

    is the villain bonous pack out yet on market place? and if so how can i get it for the xbox i don’t have xbox live?

  6. earl newport says:

    When I get my characters for my game I will be happey 5 villains that do awesome stuff

  7. earl newport says:

    this game is going to be cool with other characters

  8. Legofan says:

    I am a 12 year old kid and I just bought the game (didn’t preorder, didn’t get hero/villain pack, so sad) , is there ANY possible way to get the hero/villain packs? Such as cheat codes? PLEASE! I WANT THOSE CHARACTORS! (nightwing, damian whane robin, shazam (aka captain marvel) katana, zatana, bizzaro, captain cold, black atom, gorrilla grodd, etc.) TELL ME I CAN STILL GET THEM! Please? ☺☻

  9. dennis says:

    we pre-ordered and got the game but have no clue how to get the characters. any help greatly appreciated!!

    • LegoSantaMoss says:

      Did you pre-order at Gamestop or EBgames? Because it’s only offered there. If you did it’s either on the reciept or in the game box?

  10. darius says:

    where to find captin marvel

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