Interview with pizzamovies

Recently BrickUltra had a chance to interview pizzamovies who was nice enough to answer these questions on his own time. Be sure to check out his channel!

1) What inspired you to start brickfilming?
I genuinely have no idea. Although it may have been when I saw an Aardman Animations movie. Chicken Run, I think. Great film, that.

2) Who is your favorite brickfilmer and what is your favourite brickfilm?
Spugesdu, or Gareth Pugh. I kinda know the guy, I feel as if I would hurt his delicate feelings if I said otherwise. And my favorite? Probably fancypants’ Gunship Down.

3) What is your favorite lego set?
The old Turbo Tank from years ago. I still have that set and I love it. 😉

4) Did you ever think you would become this popular?
No. And I’m still morbidly surprised I did. 😛

5) Does making LEGO Stop-motion influence in your social life?
Other than throwing hours at filming, not much. A few friends of mine take interest in it, but, as you can imagine, most find it to be nerdy/stupid.

6) What’s your favorite part about making a brickfilm?
Watching people’s reaction and seeing their enjoyment of it. The rest is agonize monotony, but I suppose it pays off in the end!

7) Do you have any tips for aspiring animators?
Don’t waste money. Look at tutorials online. Practice. And overall, don’t care about the number of views. Regardless of how popular it is, put enough effort into it where you’d proud to have your name next to it.

8 ) What are your plans for the future?
Big plans. The WW2/Scifi thing I’m doing along with the revamp of the 501st series!

Be sure to check out pizzamovies channel!

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