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Recently BrickUltra had a chance to interview mnmtwinz who was nice enough to answer these questions on their own time. Be sure to check out the twins channel!

1) What inspired you to start brickfilming?

The first time we got internet access was fairly late on our Wii in 2007. That’s when we found out about YouTube. We began looking up “lego videos” and saw how people were making stop motion animations with them, only we didn’t know how they were doing it. Our favorite brickfilmer was ForrestFire101. One year later we created our first YouTube account, “smithtwinz” on June 15th 2008. By that time, we already had the PC we needed to edit with. All we needed was a camera. Later, we made our second account, “mnmtwinz” on August 6th 2008 because we liked the name better. 8 days later, we got our first camera for our birthday. But not much Lego to film. We actually made our first brickfilm “Lego Camp Out” about two days later. All it featured was one 16 x 32 tan baseplate, two LEGO tents, two tables, four minifigures, and a camp fire. The camera shook, the frame rate was awful, you could see our desk, and shadows, BUT that’s how we started, and we learned as we made more videos. Everyone has to start somewhere. We uploaded about 25 videos through the course of a couple months. They are no longer on YouTube. But to answer your question, ForrestFire101 was our true Inspiration.

2) Who is your favorite brickfilmer and what is your favorite brickfilm?

ForrestFire101 Is our favorite brickfilmer because we share the same crude sense of humor, and he’s the reason we began in the first place. We really don’t have a favorite brickfilm, however. If we told you, we would have a new favorite brickfilm soon after.

3) What is your favorite lego set?

We don’t buy Lego sets very often. If we need pieces, we’d buy them in bulk on or You save money by buying off of Bricklink, and shipping is WAY faster. Our first Lego set was a Lego Life on Mars set back in the Christmas of 2001. We built it ourselves PERFECTLY!

4) Did you ever think you would become this popular?

Yes, about a year after we started uploading, we found out all the benefits YouTube had to offer such as YouTube Partnership. We noticed we were getting more views and comments video after video and decided; If we want to get bigger as YouTubers, we must keep uploading videos.

5) Does making LEGO Stop-motion influence your social life?

Not at all. Only a few of our school friends know about our YouTube account. This is because we want to have a lot more videos online before we tell more and more people, because if we tell them now, they’ll watch some of our newest videos, but then slowly fall into our 2008 videos… And we’re not very proud of them. We do actually care about what people think of us. Some people don’t, however, and that’s okay.

6) Have you ever had any issues with another YouTuber?

We find ourselves having to ask other YouTubers to delete re-uploaded videos of ours on their channels, or even asking them to change their channel description because they claim that we collaborate with them. And of course, we’ve learned not to feed the trolls.

7) If you could go back to when you began brickfilming would you have changed anything you did on your videos or on youtube?

We would change the day we joined YouTube. We created our “mnmtwinz” channel on August 6th, 2008 when we were 12 years old. YouTube only allows people 13 and older. So we decided to put that our birthday was on August 6th. So every year, when August 6th rolls by, we have to hide our age, until our actual birthday; August 14th. It’s that little thing that bothers us.

8 ) What would you be doing if youtube didn’t exist?

We probably wouldn’t have a hobby like this AT ALL. In fact, the reason we found out about stop motion animation was because of YouTube. Now, we would probably be playing lots of video games if YouTube didn’t exist. But even with YouTube, you can do something with video games. That’s why I love YouTube, you have complete creative control, and you gain fans based off of that. CLICK HERE 😉

9) Do you have any tips for aspiring animators?

The one extremely big tip we have is to just KEEP MAKING VIDEOS! You won’t get any better if you don’t practice making videos. It’s like learning to ride a bike. You must practice! What you do on YouTube can take two to three years before you feel like you’re great at what you’re doing. We’re still learning, actually!

10) What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future seem quite impossible. We’d love to take on YouTube full time once we get out of high school, but I don’t see that happening yet because we only have until June, 2013. Other than that, we don’t actually have plans for our future. We DEFINITELY want to continue YouTube though. Even if it takes us a couple more years to be able to do this full time.

Be sure to check out mnmtwinz channel!

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