Interview with Laser Pegs

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Interview with Laser Pegs

1) What is Laser Pegs?
Laser Pegs is a start-up toy company built around the idea of Light-Up Construction. We are dedicated to producing creative, high quality products that appeal to both kids and adults! By combining bright, colorful LED lights with the fun of construction bricks, Laser Pegs has carved out an unique niche in the construction market. Our patented Stack, Spin, and Slide play pattern differentiates Laser Pegs from the competition and the Lighted aspect adds an extra layer of visual complexity to the models. Laser Pegs has been designed to be compatible with all major construction brands.

2) What inspired the creation of the Laser Pegs brand/company?
In 2006 @ Tech Ed, we saw these necklaces people were wearing. We thought if we could chain the charms together, make different shapes, feed low voltage current to each and you would have a wonderful , lighted construction and building set. Laser Pegs were developed in order to add a unique twist on regular construction kits. Adding light had never been done before and there was a hole in the market for that sort of product. Now with the addition of light, the building possibilities became even greater! And now building bricks could be used after dark, as nightlights, at parties… Laser Pegs presents brand new opportunities for using your creations! Dedicated to exploring this new avenue of creativity, Laser Pegs was formed.

3) How does Laser Pegs separate themselves from the other construction toys out there today?
Laser Pegs kits are different in many ways, but the number one aspect is LIGHT!. Laser Pegs is the Original Lighted Construction Set. We have patented the process of putting brightly colored LED lights into pieces that slide together, connecting the current from one piece to the next. Our Laser Peg pieces are complemented by our transparent tinted construction bricks which allow light to filter through while keeping colors bright. Laser Peg kits also have a great value factor, each kit makes multiple models.. up to 30 models in one kit!

4) If you could go back to when you began Laser Pegs would you have changed anything you did early on?
Yes! We would definitely have sought funding and had funding before trying to go to market. We tried and tried to build our brand on a shoestring budget. That just isn’t the correct way to build a brand. We would have sought adequate funding to ensure we could deal with ups and downs of launching a Global Toy Company. It hasn’t been a walk in the park, by any means, but we are here to stay. 2015 marks year 7 and we are as strong as ever.

5) How is Laser Pegs trying to build up a community for the brand?
Laser Pegs has many social media websites, including: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. We also have our own social media platform, the LP Network, We post videos about products, encourage consumers to do the same, and actively comment and reply to our customers. Laser Pegs encourages feedback and communication, and we love to see what people have built!

6) What is Laser Pegs goal for this year?
Laser Pegs’ goals include producing new SKUs for our general line and our National Geographic line as well as introducing our product to new stores and new countries. As a new company, we are always working on expanding our global visibility! We also are working on a joint venture with iStory Animation Studios, producing an animated TV series and a corresponding line of toys.

7) Parting Thoughts? What do you want the world to know?
Laser Pegs is a new company with a never-been-seen-before product, growing rapidly and showing up on the construction toy radar! With new pieces in development, new kits being designed, and an animated TV series in the works, be prepared to see Laser Pegs grow exponentially in the near future!

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