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Recently BrickUltra had a chance to interview ChickenFeetFilms who was nice enough to answer these questions on his own time. Be sure to check out his channel!

1) What inspired you to start brickfilming?

Well, my dad gave me my first camera in 2008. It was a really old, family camera. He had made videos when he was a teenager, so he knew the basics of filming and editing. At first i just played around with the camera, like filming the TV and my siblings; then he showed me something cool……..STOP-MOTION ANIMATION!!!!!! I was so interested in the idea that you could make in-animate objects come to life, I immediately jumped on it. I did a lot of tests and stuff but I made my first real brick-film in January 2009.
It was a LEGO reenactment of Star Wars “Episode 6”. It was really bad. Most of the people were actually built out of bricks with faces drawn on to them. But it turned out to be a really good learning experience overall and I’m very glad I did it.

2) Who is your favorite brickfilmer and what is your favorite brickfilm?

I would like to come up with some, not well known, incredibly talented animator. But I would have to say that my favorite brickfilmer is “Keshen8” from “Custard Productions.” He is like the Freddie Wong of LEGO animation!!!! He blends incredibly smooth animation with amazing special effects so well. (His videos are how I want my stuff to eventually look.)

My favorite Brickfilm would have to be Keshen8’s “LEGO BLACK OPS.” I downloaded it from Youtube, and probably watched it 30 to 40 times. It is such a good video to watch Frame by Frame as reference for animation, and special effect compositing. Plus, its just freaking awesome!

3) What is your favorite lego set?

My favorite genre of Lego are the “LEGO CITY” sets; because they offer the pieces I need to make my more realistic Brickfilms. My favorite set would have to be the “LEGO Grand Emporium.”
Not only does it look really good as a set, the high detail pieces on the inside can be used for lots of different videos.

4) Did you ever think you would become this popular?

I didn’t have any idea that so many people were interested in the same stuff as me, and would watch videos about it. I mean, I always wanted to have lots of people see my work, I just didn’t think it would come to all this.

5) Does making LEGO Stop-motion influence your social life?

Uhm…. sometimes. Like, I have a few friends who love Legos and brickfilms; they help me make my sets and come up with video idea’s sometimes.

6) Have you ever had any issues with another YouTuber?

No, all of my experiences have been pretty good. Obviously, you are going have criticism from people who are rude and don’t know what they are talking about, but you just get used to that.

7) If you could go back to when you began brickfilming would you have changed anything you did on your videos or on youtube?

The one thing I would change is….. I wouldn’t do the thumbnail cheat. You know, were you put a custom image at the end of your videos for a long time so it shows up in the thumbnail selection on Youtube.
I did it for a long time and I wish now that I didn’t . It is very annoying for the viewer and causes you to get less views. I thought it would get me more views but the truth is, if your video is good enough the views will come, you don’t need to depend on a thumbnail.

8 ) What would you be doing if youtube didn’t exist?

I would probably still make some type of videos, but I don’t know what. Probably I would put all my attention on my guitar.

9) Do you have any tips for aspiring animators?

OK……This is really important……the most important thing you can ever do when making videos is…………………………………….MAKE VIDEOS. Thats it, plain and simple. When I first started, all the way up to about a year ago, I thought you had to have a really good camera, a big super fast computer, and a bunch of legos to make a good videos. WRONG!!!!!!!! All you need is a mini-figure, something you can take pictures with, and something to put them together on. Once you have that stuff, make videos…make videos..make videos…make videos..make videos…make videos…make videos!!!! Any chance you get, work on a video.
You will grow so much, very quickly, if you are always experimenting.

10) What are your plans for the future?

Well right now the plan is to stay on Youtube and keep making videos. Hopefully, I will soon get accepted to the Youtube Partnership Program and, eventually, be able to make a living off of this. But if not, there is a large array of things I could do and I’m excited to see what is going to happen!

Be sure to check out ChickenFeetFilms channel!

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  1. Seth says:

    I really like Bobby’s videos. Before Bobby moved to New York he came to my church. I thought he was one of the coolest guys ever. I think that it was partially of him that I go into filmmaking.
    So thanks Bobby

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