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Recently BrickUltra had a chance to interview the founder and CEO of BrickWarriors, Ryan Hauge (aka Thrash). BrickWarriors specializes in making high-quality custom accessories for LEGO minifigures. Be sure to check out!

1) What can we expect from the BrickWarriors Brand?
Our goal at BrickWarriors is to provide the most unique and exciting Lego minifigure compatible accessories on the market. The boot wings gave the community a good taste of the type of innovative accessories we have planned, but just wait until you see the items we have planned for our next round of molds!

2) What inspired you to create BrickWarriors?
When I was little I was always most interested in the Lego minifigures. I can’t tell you how many $90 or $100 sets I bought just to get that one unique minifig that Lego cleverly packaged with the most expensive set in the theme. No matter how many new minifigure accessories Lego released each year, I always found myself wanting more. I would actually have dreams where my minifigs were equipped with awesome new accessories, only to wake up and be disappointed to find that those accessories didn’t really exist.

A few years ago I decided to buy a CAD program to see if I could design some accessories for fun. At around the same time, I happened to be taking a class about entrepreneurship. Everything just kind of clicked and I realized that I might actually be able to make my childhood dream come true by starting a business selling my very own minifigure accessories.

3) How many custom items do you think you’ve sold to date?
More than a thousand and less than a billion. Seriously though, that information is classified! All I can say is that our sales have exceeded my wildest expectations and that I’m overwhelmed by the response we’ve received from the awesome on-line LEGO community.

4) What can we come to expect for the next new wave of custom items?
All I can say at this point is that there are going to be lots of unique items that are nothing like anything else you’ve seen before!

5) Whats your goal for the future?
Our goal is to keep expanding, both in terms of the items we offer and the amount of fans we reach. The more fans we get, the more designs we can produce for Lego fans to enjoy!

6) Will BrickWarriors be attending Brickfair 2012?
Yes, we will have three tables at Brickfair 2012 loaded with tons of BrickWarriors accessories. With most of the other conventions our stock is limited by what we can fit in our suitcases for the plane ride, but Brickfair is just a few hours away from our headquarters so we can bring a whole car-load worth of BrickWarriors to sell!

Be sure to check out!

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    Love the gangster figures!

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    great post

  3. Supercoollegodude says:

    Nice MOC minifigs!

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