How to Build a Lego Warhead Machine‏

How to Build a Lego Warhead Machine‏

In relation to one of AstonishingStudios’s creations, he has happily decided to show how one can build a Warhead machine masterpiece themselves, in less than nine minutes. We hope you enjoy the video and remember to subscribe to the BrickUltra Youtube Channel!

1.Remove the top and other pieces until the reloading area can be fully seen.
2.Take two Warheads, in their packets, of one’s choice.
3.Take the ends of each Warhead candy packet and tightly tape them, with scotch tape, to the back of the candy packet.
4.Place both candies on their sides into the reloading hole, the back of each packet facing the front.

1.Take one axle of a seven stud length or more, and place it fully into the 1×1 piece with a hole, in the coin rejection wall.
2. Pull the axle out of the machine, from the coin rejection area, and slide the coin tray back in its area once the money has been retrieved.

1.Make sure the bar is fully pulled out, and place a nickel into the coin slot.
2.Push the bar in fully, and jiggle it slowly back and forth a distance of one stud.
3.Fully pull the bar out, and lift the candy cover to receive your candy and to allow the machine to be prepared for another round.

To see this in action, and for more details, click here:

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