Haunted Halloween Candy Machine
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Haunted Halloween Candy Machine

Haunted Halloween Candy Machine

Price: $28.00

Product Description:
What is a better way to start of Halloween than with a bit of candy fun? BrickUltra and AstonishingStudios have teamed up to bring you yet another custom LEGO set called “Haunted Halloween Candy Machine”. Includes a bag of M&M’s, a locked coin back, and the price of a penny per round, this creation is great as a gift or fun for the holidays!

Instructional Video

What is a better way to start of Halloween than with a bit of candy fun? AstonishingStudios has already prepared for the holiday, and shows you how to build the newest product from our Custom Machines Line, Haunted Halloween Candy Machine!

Download the Troubleshooter Here: CLICK HERE

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  1. Runabox says:

    This thing is the best thing ever! i will buy it because you worked hard on this machine!!!

  2. Lego Lover says:

    WOAH, what a machine! Only 28$ for this amazing set!!! But one thing, your mini version (Not the mini version of this machine) is in my opinion WAY BETTER. But I understand why you made it like this, First of all, It was Halloween (Or near) When you released this produce, 2nd The mechanism is more complex so the people that bought this machine will probably have a better understanding on what’s happening, also, what a great functioning machine!

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