Halo Toymation Fest 2012

Halo Toymation Fest 2012 has begun. Your goal is to create a brickfilm that is 1-3 minutes long and follows one of the following categories. This contest features a $6000 Grand Prize! The contest features judges such as Jason Forthofer, Tyler Gregory, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, and several others! For the official rules CLICK HERE and to submit your brickfilm: CLICK HERE

Submission Ends: October 25th, 2012 9:00pm EST

Action: Action-packed films with a focus on combat and special effects.
Comedy: Films that are all about fun and making you laugh!
Drama: Films that rely primarily on story-telling and character interactions.
Sports: Films that are all about getting active! And yes, dancing is a sport. So is Grifball, for that matter.
Classic: Films that incorporate elements from classic movie-making, such as silent films or black-and-white.

Grand Prize: The winning participant will receive approximately $US6000 worth of gear, collectibles and swag. Here’s what you’re competing for: the complete Fall 2012 Mega Bloks Halo and Halo Universe Collection (including Forward Unto Dawn), a custom-built bronze Spartan Figure, a 15-inch MacBook Pro, the latest version of Final Cut X, a Canon Rebel T4i decked out with accessories, Toon Boom software, custom-built light-up Cortana figure trophy, personalized Mega Bloks Halo nameplate, and having your video featured on Halo Waypoint for the world to see.

Here’s the winner of Halo Toymation Fest 2011. The brickfilm was called “The Rookie”. If you want to view last years prizes: CLICK HERE

We hope you enter Halo Toymation Fest 2012! If you need help, here is a list of tips you can watch from the winner of Halo Toymation Fest 2011: CLICK HERE

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