Halo Mega Bloks – The Battle for Brick Valley


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Above you can check out ZachFB’s entry for the Halo Mega Bloks (don’t hate you MB haters) toymation fest. It’s a very impressive entry indeed, those MB figures are extremely difficult to animate! I entered last year’s contest and got pretty frustrated trying to animate them.

The animation overall is pretty good in this flick, especially after taking into account the figures he’s dealing with. It’s a bit quick, and at a few points in the video I was hoping for a bit more up-close and personal fighting animation. The effects are also very clean and well done, especially the flying scenes with the enemy ships. Also make note of the original soundtrack. Kudos to Zach for manning up and using an original score. SO much more interesting than some overused piece, great job!

The contest voting actually ends tomorrow (Nov. 6th) and I’m sure he would appreciate any last minute votes he can get.

Click the link below and sign into the Bloks Brigade and vote!


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