Halo Mega Bloks 5th Anniversary Poster

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Halo Mega Bloks fan HaloFanforLife has created a poster in honor of the Halo Mega Bloks 5th Anniversary!

Halo Mega Bloks 5th Anniversary Poster

Here’s what the creator had to say:
While I’m not certain of the exact date, I know the 5th anniversary of Mega Bloks having the Halo license is upon us.I took the opportunity a couple of days ago to download all current figures (all 274 of them) they have on their newly redesigned site, with the idea of putting them all together in one massive collage.

I want to thank Mega Brands, parent company of Mega Bloks for 5 great years so far. In specific, Andrew Sparkes, whom I’ve been fortunate to have made a friend of, as well as Tanya Furci-Argento. There are others at Mega Brands as well that I’ve had the pleasure to meet. And most recently, Tim, the Social Media fellow for Halo Mega Bloks.You’ve got a GREAT crew there Mega and I applaud all of your hard work with the license as well as your dedication to the fans of it. Rarely have I seen a toy manufacturer genuinely CARE, not only about it’s product, but also the fans for whom the product is made.Happy Fifth Anniversary of having the license! And I’m sure I speak for many when I say, we look forward to MANY more years to come!

This next one was what I wanted to do first. I created the one above though to get something out onto the web quickly. Then when I made the time, I went back and created this one.

Here is the explanation of the design of it. Obviously the figures spell out MEGA BLOKS (squint if you can’t see it). I placed the logo on the lowest layer in Photoshop and started adding the minifigi layers from there. Once I was done adding figure layers, I placed a new background image behind them, that also hid the logo layer.

Each letter has a theme(s) to it as well.

M=Marines and FlameMarines
E= Elites-the majority of the Elite minifigs are in this letter
G=Grunts and Green Spartans, and one lone Green Elite
A=Ascetic Elites, Air Assault Spartans, and All other Elites and Spartans to fill out the letter that I didn’t use anywhere else.

L=FLOOD (A stretch I know, but nothing else fit…)
O=ODSTs and Orange Spartans. I also included Master Chief and Cortana here as this is the center of the poster.
K=Knight, Jackals, Skirmishers. As well, I included the rest of the Prometheans, Forerunners ad Hunters to help flesh out this letter.

So in this respect not only do the images spell Mega Bloks, what they ARE represent the letters of Mega Bloks too.

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