Halo 4 Commissioning Trailer in LEGO

Halo 4 Commissioning Trailer in LEGO

Solid Brix Studios released a video remake of the Halo 4 Commissioning Trailer. The project took over 9 months to complete, with a total of 2,425 frames! Enjoy! If your interested in watching the original trailer: CLICK HERE

After 9 months from it’s announcement, its finally here! A LEGO version of only my favorite video game trailers of all time is captured frame by frame using Stop-Motion Animation, a technique that requires much time and practice! Halo, it has always been my favorite video game for years and with the love of my favorite toy as a kid and as I grow up through my teenage years I hope to continue that love and interest!

This was no one-man deal, I’m good with the animation part, but from the start I knew I was going to need help with the space scenes and effects. Thats where ZachFBStudios and Spugesdu come in with there amazing talents! I’ve never been that great at building models ether (better at making the sets), so since I wanted the best accuracy, I went to AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) Tyler Clites, otherwise known as LegoHaulic to get just about all the models designed!

I really couldn’t have done it without my team, we made it possible. Others such as BrickArms and EclipseGrafx also played roles with keeping the accuracy with there weapons and minifigures, I can’t thank them enough!

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