Future for CGI Brickfilms?

Lego Zombie Fighters Screenshot

Lego Zombie Fighters Screenshot (Produced in 2013)

CGI brickfilms are starting to take shape across the internet. The films are being created on a free 3D software tool called “Blender“. The program has let people create some impressive animations, for example “Sintel“, which was an independent film. Blender has the power to create professional looking visuals.

Sintel Screenshot

Sintel Screenshot (Produced in 2010)

Over the last few years, independent CGI brickfilms have started popping up over the internet. As technology has improved, making animated films has become easier than ever before. An independent animator from Poland, on Youtube called “raptor5120” has produced some remarkable brickfilms with Blender. His brickfilms have generated over 15.7 million views on Youtube! Raptor5120 has created several brickfilms including “Lego Zombie Fighters“, “Lego Green Day – She (Music Video)“, and “LEGO Battle of the Bulge“.

LEGO Battle of the Bulge Screenshot

LEGO Battle of the Bulge Screenshot (Produced in 2012

Raptor5120 has defiantly improved his animations over the last 5 years. His first brickfilm was titled “LEGO D-Day” which was uploaded back in 2008, and the video quality only went up to 240p. Most of the sound effects came from a video game called “Medal of Honor Allied Assault”. The brickfilm however managed to achieve over 8.1 million views alone, making this video his highest viewed video still to date.

LEGO D-DAY Screenshot (Produced in 2008)

LEGO D-DAY Screenshot (Produced in 2008)

Since then Raptor5120 has created over 12 more brickfilms. Over the 5 years since his hit video “LEGO D-DAY“, Raptor5120 has without a doubt improved his animations and his video’s now run at a video quality of 720p! The comparison from his first video “LEGO D-DAY” to one of his newest video’s called “LEGO War in the Pacific” is astounding! And that’s just under 5 years, imagine what type of CGI brickfilms will be on the internet in the next 5 years!

LEGO War in the Pacific Screenshot (Produced in 2012)

LEGO War in the Pacific Screenshot (Produced in 2012)

With Blender, the possibility becomes endless with what you can create because you don’t have to worry about what bricks you have and need. Your imagination becomes more open because you have the ability to create practically anything! The future with independently made CGI brickfilms look brighter and brighter every passing day. Personally I think both Stop-motion and CGI brickfilms will co-exist and hopefully we’ll see more directors taking advantage of both styles in creating hybrid brickfilms.

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