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Recently a LEGO brickfilmer named Force Brick Productions created an indiegogo project. Force Brick Productions estimates that he’s going to need about $800 to begin producing brickfilms. Force Brick Productions is featuring 7 different perks if you invest in him. Click the following link to support this project: CLICK HERE

Hello there! We are Force Brick Productions, a new starting pair of passionate LEGO fans who wish to make a jump into the brickfilming world. Brickfilming is a type of Stop-Motion animation technique that uses the famously known LEGO Bricks.

Back in the year 2010 we tried giving brickfilming a shot but we didn’t succeed at all. The equipment we were using was not capable of running the required software nor meet some basic expectations and that leads us to the reason why we are here making a funding campaign. We need money to begin filming.

We are pledging for a total of $800 US dollars so that we can begin working on our brickfilm projects. We plan on focusing only on LEGO Star Wars animations just like other great animators like Spugesdu and Darthmilo77. To do so we need some decent equipment like a new animation software and more LEGO Bricks.

73% of the total pledge ($589) will go to new software. We are planning on getting great production programs that will help us provide you the best films possible. The first one is Vegas Studio HD 11. Vegas Studio is an amazing piece editing software that will help us achieve amazing film quality. It is in this program is where we plan to edit all of our upcoming films. Along with Vegas Studio we are also planning on getting Dragon Frame. This is the best animation software in the market. And to add some good quality effects to our films we are also planning on getting Hitfilm Basic. If we meet our goal and we get our hands on this program we will create some of the best brickfilms in history.

25% ($200) will go to some new LEGO bricks. Currently we have a limited amount LEGO bricks ready to get built into movie sets but we require a bit more. With the remaining money we will purchase the necessary bricks that are needed to produce our films. These pieces include average bricks, tiles, plants, and even minifigs. All of these are must-have for good quality brickfilms.

And the remaining 3% will be used to pay the IndieGoGo tax. We need to pay a little tax so that we can use this amazing platform.

Basically here’s the rundown of how the money will be spent:
•72% – $569.00 – New Software
•25% – $200.00 – LEGO Equipment
•3% – $31.00 – IndieGoGo Tax

We plan on having a constant flow of films. Most of which will be shorts but good quality shorts. We would like to release a new brickfilm every Friday to keep all of you guys happy but we will see what will happen.

Not only will be work on little films but we will work on bigger projects like LEGO Star Wars – Oria Squad 1. This is the story of one of the best commando squads the republic ever had. A brother of the squad, Evac – CT-2337, is kidnapped by a deadly bounty hunter and Oria Squad goes in the search for their lost brother. Little do the members of the squad know about the dangers they will have to go through.

We need to reach are goal for all of this to happen. Also, we will take suggestions from what you guys want to see!

You can get a variety of exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else along with our eternal gratitude for helping us reach our dream. The more you donate the better perks you get. You can go from a simple thank you to an exclusive prizes like T-Shirts and posters.

We hope you can help us achieve our goal and make Force Brick Productions shine in the brickfilming world. It has been our dream to produce LEGO films for the past 7 years of our life. Our project will only become true if we reach the total $800.00 if we do not reach this goal then nothing will happen and the money will be given back to all of the donators. Please help us out by donating and sharing this fundraiser with all of your friends. We would really appreciate it.

Well, see you next time when the project is fully funded! May the force be with you!

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