Disney Announces Star Wars Spinoff Films

Disney has announced that they plan to make Star Wars spinoff films. The rumor is the first spinoff film will release sometime after Episode VII in 2015, so maybe 2016 or 2017 while we wait for Episode VIII. The spinoff films will be written by Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Simon Kinberg, who wrote Sherlock Holmes and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Disney states that they want to being the spinoff films with established characters first. This could hint at a possible Yoda standlone movie. The list could go on from Boba Fett to Mace Windu or even a Han Solo film about how he made the Kessel run in only 12 Parsecs! What’s your thought’s on the news and which Star Wars character do you think deserves their own standalone film? Comment Below!

star wars spinoff

Official Press Release:
The Star Wars cinematic galaxy is about to experience a Big Bang. Lucasfilm is officially announcing new spinoff films that will expand the mythos and depths of the Star Wars universe in previously unexplored ways.

One of the standalone films will be written by Lawrence Kasdan, screenwriter of The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and co-writer of Return of the Jedi while the other will be penned by Simon Kinberg, writer of Sherlock Holmes and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The movies will be separate from the upcoming Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, on which Kasdan and Kinberg are also consulting, and are expected to be released sometime after Episode VII. Each standalone film will focus on a specific character, and two spinoff films are currently confirmed.

In a call to investors, Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, revealed while the original focus was on the highly-anticipated sequel trilogy, the idea of spinoff films was bandied about early and the additional films are now becoming a reality. “We are in development of a few standalone films,” he said, “that are not part of the Star Wars saga…there are now creative entities working on developing scripts for what would be those standalone films.” Click Here

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