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Good lord I have been swamped with stuff the last couple weeks; graduation, finals, and a bunch of other crap. Finally I can sit down and write something about something 😀 I’m sure most of you are familiar with sumkid101’s films, and if you’re not, you should be. I actually featured one of his films a couple weeks ago, so normally I would have tried to avoid using the same director, but this film is so different in so many ways that I don’t find it to be an issue.

Unlike most of sumkid’s films, “Defeating Defeat” isn’t a comedy. In fact, it’s totally serious, like crazy real serious. Don’t laugh or you’re a horrible person. Overall, I would say he pulls it off quite well. He pretty much pulls out all the stops in this one; kid with family issues, thoughts of suicide, girl who believes in him, everything. It’s cliche drama, but he does pretty good with it. For my personal tastes, it tries a bit too hard for a LEGO animation. Not that I don’t like a good drama brickfilm, but it seems just a little bit overkill. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, but something a bit more original could have done wonders for the plot.

Overall it’s a great film. The use of the new boxing figures was really great and the set for the boxing ring was really cool. Simple, but it added a great atmosphere to the film by not showing the crowd and using a black expanse instead. The camera quality was top notch as well (i’m assuming a t2i or t3i?) and the lighting created and set a nice mood for the whole piece. In my opinion, some of the live action shots were unnecessary. Some were fine, others seemed like they would have blended better, even if the animation was sub-par. I just feel like live action sticks out in an animated film, usually in a bad way. The animation that was present in the film was definitely strong. Nothing stuck out in that aspect, just as the rest of the tech. aspects were quite impressive.

To repeat myself, “Defeating Defeat” isn’t anything groundbreaking as far as originality goes, but it is a very strong and entertaining film. As much as it tries hard to be emotional and serious, overall I would say that sumkid succeeds. Just reading the Youtube comments will prove that. I would highly recommend this film to others, as it strays away from the overdone simple comedies that so many brickfilmers are stuck on. It was a breath of fresh air to see someone as talented as sumkid take a swing at something more powerful. Good flick. Watch it. Share. ????. Profit.

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