“Dance of the Black Widow” – The Hulk vs Captain America

pe668: YouTube Twitter

Wow! This is the first animation I have seen featuring the larger scale Avengers figurines and it blew me away! The concept of this film is really neat and it’s always nice to see people trying new techniques, characters, sets, etc. in brickfilms, and if you know anything about David Boddy (pe669) you know he is always doing so. If you’re not already familiar with his work, I highly suggest you get on that, because every film I have seen from him has been extremely well done, especially my favorite, Live 2 Sk8

Not only does pe668 expand the brickfilming horizons with his Avenger figurine usage, but his sets and animation are well done also. The room itself is really well done and animation overall was also impressive. A few key animated points for me, was the shield in the TV and the couch being thrown through the wall. Very impressive! The sound and music overall did justice to the film, but I feel like the voice acting could have been a bit more convincing. I liked the voices themselves, but there were a few lines that didn’t quite sell me. But that’s me nitpicking, overall the film is really great, and deserves your view. So take a few seconds and check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

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