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BrickUltra is proud to introduce a new sections to our website called “Cuusoo of the Week”. In this section we will help promote LEGO Cuusoo idea’s to help them reach the 10,000 likes needed for their idea to get created! This week we feature the idea called “Space Marines” created by NickRoyer. Here’s what the creator had to say about the idea:

“An exciting new theme or mini-theme for Lego Space: the Space Marines! Taking place in the distant future, long after initial human-alien contact, the Space Marines theme follows our intrepid band of Space Marines across the galaxy as they fight evil aliens and explore treacherous terrain.

The Space Marines theme has an awful lot to recommend it. It’s got cool-looking Space Marines as highly collectible minifigs, which could lend itself nicely to hot-selling battle pack-style sets; it’s got plenty of options for exciting vehicles and locations, as there can always be a fleet of dropships, fighters, transports, mechs, and armored vehicles to support the Space Marines. In addition to the obvious endless building opportunities, it would showcase an exciting, vigorous side of space exploration and conflict that, due to its thrilling conflict-oriented overtones, would be a hit with small children. The AFOL audience would love it, too, as it has high-quality, original figures and accessories, plus vehicles that I imagine would include plenty of MOC’able parts, not to mention the nostalgic factor of the theme being in essence an updated Neo-Classic-Space mixed with the vigorous ethos of Alien Conquest..

The Lego Group’s emphasis on story would be well-supported, as each Space Marine, alien, and scientist could have their own backstory and distinctive characteristics. Certain Space Marines could have their own armor markings and individual face printing, further enhancing the collectibility and appeal of the theme.

Other names for this theme could include:
– Space Explorers
– Space Troopers
– Space Defense
– Exploration 2250

A possible story scene. Two Space Marines investigate a strange glow on an alien planet.

A Space Marines set component- a strike fighter, about 150 pieces. This demonstrates the overall aesthetic and “feel” of the Space Marines line.

Part of a guide to the Space Marines fleshing out the basic concept and story details, although those are certainly easily changed.

The cover to a set, $15, that sets the tone and style for much of the Space Marines line.

The Space Marines’ deadly enemies, the Ugokins, are first sighted. First contact will not be as pleasant as described by Mr. Carl Sagan.”

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