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In this section we help promote LEGO Cuusoo idea’s to help them reach the 10,000 likes needed for their idea to get created! This week we feature the idea called “Star Wars Universe Packs” created by Borex. Here’s what the creator had to say about the idea:

“Packs with Star Wars figures who play a big role in the Star Wars movies but not big enough to make it to the general Star Wars designs. Since Lego combines the building of a ship or playset with some mini-figures, those mini-figures are going to be most likely some figures who are connected with the ship. Of course a Han Solo, Chewbacca or a Anakin Skywalker is added as well. In any case it leaves not much room for extra mini-figures to enrich your Star Wars Universe.

Of course Lego couldn’t put more mini-figures in those ship-, or playsetboxes, because it would be too expensive. So therefore a whole lot of typical Star Wars people will never make it to production. For the fans who like to build MOCS and accurate moviemoments, and for children who like to play, mini-figures are essential, so Star Wars Universe Packs could be an ideal way to boost your Star Wars Universe with well-known and more rare Star Wars Characters.

In my original idea, it would be just boxes with mini-figures in it, just like you had boxes with city, lego space and medieval mini-figures. But i believe that here on Cuusoo it needs to be a building set as well. That’s why i added a building aspect to it. I must confess i’m very in love with my Lego Star Wars Planet sets, so i used them as my big inspiration. It became a sort of gallerystand for the mini-figures with the building that connects to them with it.

Mos Eisley Cantina Visitors:
In this set you will find a few of the typical Cantina visitors. You can now create a nice Mos Eisley Cantina with the likes of Bo Shek, Momaw Nadon (hammerhead), Elis Helrot, Zutton (snaggletooth) and Hrcheck Kal Fas. Momaw Nadon has a new head-sculpt. Zutton has also a new head-sculpt (but Lego could make a special edition Takeel, who also was in the Cantina with the same head sculpt). Hrcheck Kal Fas has a bossk-sculpt, but in a dark tan color. ( I Left out Ponda Baba (walrusman), Wuher, Greedo, Dr. Evazan and Garindan because i think those should be in a new, improved and bigger Mos Eisley Cantina playset). The building is of course the Mos Eisley Cantina itself. Since i’ve used a 4×6 plate it’s just a small version, but it has the right feel.

Bespin Cloud City People:
For the Lego Star Wars fans a new Cloud City is hoped for. Of course it needs more than Luke and Leia in Bespin outfit, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett and Darth Vader. To get that real Cloud City feeling we need Ugnaughts, Cloud Car Pilots and Security Guards. This set will be essential for the Bespin Cloud City fans. The Ugnaughts have a new head-sculpt, and also the Cloud Car Pilot has a new helmet. The building is naturally Cloud City. On a transparent round brick the city floats above the stand. The upper radar-brick is printed with tiny windows.

Jabba’s Henchmen:
With Jabba’s Palace in the stores right now, and expecting a Rancor Pit to hit the stores next year, we also need some of Jabba’s Henchmen. That throne-room of Jabba is screaming for more hideous and odd-looking aliens! That’s why this set contains two Nikto’s (one of them is Vizam, and the other one hasn’t got a name yet so i named him Red Nikto), Ree-Yees, Tessek and a Weequay. The best thing about this set is that the new molds from Ree-Yees and Tessek can be used for Clone Wars Mocs. Tessek is a Quarren and Ree-Yees a Gran and both are species which can be seen in a lot of SW movies and the Clone Wars Cartoons. Tessek wears a cape and a skirt (like the bagpiper in the mini-figures series). The Nikto’s and Weequay are great Throneroom extras, but also excellent for your Sarlac Pitt Skiff action. On the right side then, we will find a small Jabba’s Palace. There are some round bricks with printed windows in it.

These furry beings are not the most popular beings of the Star Wars universe for a lot of hardcore Star Wars fans, but i like them and so do lots of kids. The lego-version of the Ewoks are also superb. So for all the kids, and of course Endor builders, a few extra Ewoks to play with. The only new mold would be the upper part of Teebo. He has a sort of piggy-leather hat. The others are just other color-ways to create a more assorted Ewok-village. There is also a baby Ewok in a basket. His name is Nippet and is a Lego Micro-figure (like in the Lego Games). Kachoo and Loobak are made-up names, and Chukha Trok is an Ewok from the Ewok Movies i believe. The building is a micro-Ewok Village. A few trees, and with the help of two round shields we have the platforms in the trees with a small piece of hose used as a wire bridge.

Where would we be without Senators? Especially for Clone Wars fans, and fans of the first three Star Wars movies we finally can plot schemes and make political unrest throughout the Galaxy. A essential pack for building the Coruscant Senate. Off course, there is Mas Amedda (with new head-sculpt) and Sly Moore. We have good-doer Bail Organa who plays a big role in the start of the Rebellion, and two baddies Ask Aak and Lott dod. Ask Aak has the same sculpt as Ree-Yees and is the Senator of Gran. Lott Dod has a new hat-mold and is a Neimoidian Senator. There is also a camera-thingie on a transparent stick. The Coruscant Senate is the building for this set. Actually it needs to be more round, but i couldn’t think of the proper bricks. If anyone has an idea, shoot.

Separatists Council:
We need more bad guys to make evil plans with Count Dooku or Grievous against the Jedi and the Senate. We definitely need them for making Geonosian Battlefield Mocs, or Geonosian Arena Mocs. These evildoers are a burden to the Jedi, and can be seen in the first three movies and in the popular Clone Wars series. First we have Poggle the Lesser, a geonosian with a new head-sculpt. Rune Haako, the Neimoidian has a new hat-mold. Wat Tambor of the Techno Union, has a spacemarine armor chest (from the minifigures series). Shu Mai has also a new sculpt. Each character also has a transparent round 1×1 brick with a separatist or a republic ship on it for making strategy plans. Of course we need a micro-Geonosis Headquarters for these mini-figures. It has some printed windows and a lot of slopes just to give it a rocky feel.

Naturally, there could be more Star Wars Universe Packs. What about a pack of Jawa’s? People of Naboo? The Modal Notes? Background Jedi? There’s enough characters which will give your sceneries the Star Wars touch to it.

Let’s hope that in the near future we can have more fantastic Lego Star Wars mini-figures! May the force be with these packs!!

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  1. broughtoyoubydan says:

    hey borex cudos for all your time and energy on this. i have collected star wars lego (original trilogy only) sets since 1999. i have the 2 DK reference books that came with mini figures. i use the ps3 star wars lego saga game also as a reference. some figures appear in the game that have not as yet made an appearence in lego sets. including the ‘modal nodes’ (cantina band). weequay, garindian (spy) ugnaut, and i would love to see the jedi ghosts in clear blue plastic (like the hasbro action figure 3 set which look great lit from underneath) maybe as an exclusive or special set referring to the game. i also thought that the star-chitectural drawings reminded me of the architecture series of lego and i hadnt thought of that!
    im still waiting for a tusken raider in an original trilogy set (maybe with a bantha as seen in the game) currently its in ep3 set only, and rebel trooper was in an extended universe set! whats wrong with a rebel docking bay transporter huh?. your mini figure sets are a great idea to keep the price down and the number of characters and availability up (theres always more of the small sets around). the mini figure has evolved from yellow heads, but now the faces are more detailed than just smiley face i’m concerned that the legosity might be getting lost. i already have the hasbro action figures, the scale and legosity is what makes this liscence so appealing, and your artwork captures this thankyou for sharing your inspiring ingenuity with us

  2. Marten Schnabel says:

    very good idea 🙂

  3. SullyBlitz says:

    That’s a great idea. Mainly for the Separatist Council and the Senators. But the others minifigs are great too ! Cheers !

  4. The separatist council is a great idea!!!! I hope this gets made.

  5. Tuliunimus says:

    I want that senators and separatist packs!!!!!

  6. Lt. Fajer says:

    Hello there.
    Maybe you have already seen new Tatooine Battle Pack. It consists of 2 jawas and a tusken raider. It looks like lego heard you 🙂

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