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In this section we help promote LEGO Cuusoo idea’s to help them reach the 10,000 likes needed for their idea to get created! This week we feature the idea called “LEGO sandbox video game” created by pnpaul.Here’s what the creator had to say about the idea:

Play with digital LEGO like you would with analog LEGO

In this digital age I still haven’t found a satisfying digital LEGO experience where I can build something and interact with it like I meant it to.

The LEGO sandbox game lets you create anything you want and interact with it like you intended. Whether you build cars, robots of flying machines, they work!


Before you can build houses you need to make bricks. And to make bricks you need “rawbricks”. Rawbricks are the raw materials you need to create all the bricks you need.

You can find the rawbricks hidden in mines around the island and you have to harvest them. When you have harvested enough rawbricks you can build machines to harvest them for you. The more minifigures live on you island the more rawbricks you can find and harvest.

When you destroy a structure the brick from that structure become available for you to pick-up and reuse for another structure.

Game modes

The game features two modes, a building-mode and an interactive-mode. In the building-mode you can build anything you want as long as you have enough rawbricks.
In interactive-mode you can interact with your builds e.g. drive the car, open doors and windows, fly the helicopter etc, etc.

The more buildings and infrastructure you build the more citizens arrive on the island. When there are enough citizens you can hire building crews to build buildings for you.


You can build everything you want in the game itself but there will be several other ways you can get models into the game.
• Via LEGO digital designer
• Via mobile versions of LDD
• LEGO model marketplace
• Purchased models in real life

When you design a model in LDD (computer and mobile versions) you can transfer that model to the sandbox game and a building crew can build it for you. The building crew will take a percentage of the rawbricks that would have gone into creating the model if you would have done it yourself.


When you have created a structure in the sandbox game you can trade it in het LEGO marketplace. For a percentage of the rawblocks costs you can let anyone use the structure in their own game.

Trading in the marketplace will get you more rawbricks so you can create more structures in the game.

Real life models

If you buy a new model in real life, a code on the box unlocks the model so you can play with it in your digital playground as well as you own room.

When you build a garage you can store your cars there. Any car you acquire in the marketplace or build a tablet app will also be available there so you can ride it in game.

Visiting a friend

The LEGO sandbox video game will not be multiplayer. You can co-create via the marketplace and trade structures.
There could be a “visiting” mode where friends can visit each other’s islands as “read only” so they cannot change anything but can interact with everything and explore the friend’s island. The visiting modes can be a great feat for creating in game video’s where different friends can play different roles in a story.

The game will not feature any money, guns or monsters, however I am considering the use of explosions because blowing structures up can be fun and will help speed up remodeling.

Figure 1: Harvesting rawbricks with a simple pickaxe.

Figure 2: Building a house with bricks in building mode.

Figure 3: Landscap overview early in the game. Notice the waterfall and the cloths on the minifigure.

Figure 4: Landscap overview further in the game. Notice the waterfall is still there but the landscape around it has been changed. The outfit of the minifigure has also been changed.

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