Cuusoo of the Week : Dragon Slayers

In this section we help promote LEGO Cuusoo idea’s to help them reach the 10,000 likes needed for their idea to get created! This week we feature the idea called “Dragon Slayers” created by lizardman. Here’s what the creator had to say about the idea:

“LEGO Dragon Slayers would be a set revolving around a group of dragon hunters slaying mythical beasts. The storyline would be the about the dragon slayers on a quest to rid the village of the monsters that have attacked them for years. To do this however the dragon slayers have to destroy the most powerful beast that ever lived, the Dragon King. No man, elf, or dwarf has ever been able to defeat him in combat. He has no equal and all beasts fear his might. The king has hired the dragon slayers to destroy this menace for all that is good and right. Will they succeed?”

(Left) This is the viking dragon slayer. A Proud warrior he is confident, powerful, arrogant, and slightly crazy. (dont tell him I said that!) He has defeated every creature he has ever fought and is not afaid to boast of this record. He hates the dragon king because one day he returned from a hunt only to find his village destroyed. He voed then and there to defeat the beast. (Right) The veteran dragon slayer is a experienced soldier who has fought in three wars and mastered many types of combat. His real claim to fame is he is the only person to have ever survived a fight with the dragon king. He hates the dragon king because he killed his brothers in arms. It happened when the beast swooped down from above picking him up and dropping him in a lake. He swam back only to find his comrades al killed by the dragon king. He is determined to finish the buisness he started by destroying the foul Dragon! (Below) The elf dragon slayer is a good willed adventurer at heart who wants to protect all that is good by fighting the foul beasts. He is a master with the bow and never misses a shot. He carries a trusted knife made from a dragons tooth with him at all times in case something gets too close. He is determined to destroy the dragon lord for burning down the forests and terrorizing elven civilization. He has a friendship with the dwarf that can often lead to rivalry about anything. One time he had a contest with him over who would win a pie eating contest! They are a great team and insepperable. The elf stands for what is good and just and will not let the dragon king take over the land of the elves.

This is the Dragon King . No one knows his real name for it has been ages since anyone has spoke it. He is the biggest, strongest, most intelligent, and most ruthless of all the dragons. He lives deep in the high mountains of unexplored land hundreds of miles away from civilazation. The dragon slayers have been hired to defeat him by the townsfolk because it has carried humans and livestock off into the mountains never to be seen again. He has killed hundreds of knights and dragon slayers amassing gold and treasure far beyond man’s wildest dreams. He is highly dangerous and is the most dangerous dragon ever known. Will the dragon slayers be able to take him down? Or will the hunters become the hunted?

This is the desert ambush set (left elf and right veteran)

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