Cuusoo of the Week : Assault on Wayne Manor

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In this section we help promote LEGO Cuusoo idea’s to help them reach the 10,000 likes needed for their idea to get created! This week we feature the idea called Assault on Wayne Manor created by DarthKy. Here’s what the creator had to say about the idea:

LEGO Assault on Wayne Manor

There are plenty of Batman sets on Cuusoo, and plenty of Modulars but this is something new, something different, a themed Modular, Wayne Manor.

A theme is not the only thing that makes this modular unique though. Instead of stacking, this model unfolds.

The folding method allows for multiple levels of display AND play. Folded up the build is an attractive manor, but there are three hinges dividing the model into four quarters. These can be arranged for the previously indicated closed display, all hinges open (as displayed above) or a variety of other configurations.

LEGO Assault on Wayne Manor

Here is the finely appointed main room of Wayne Manor. The bookcase opens to grant access to…

LEGO Assault on Wayne Manor

…the Batcave!

The “central” quarters of the build are dedicated to the bat-computer and a removable holding cell.

LEGO Assault on Wayne Manor

The “left” quarter of the batcave is dedicated to Batman’s infamous trophies:

The T-rex
The Joker Card
The Giant Penny
Mr. Freeze’s gun
Green Kryptonite

the “right” quarter of the batcave showcases Batman’s equipment including a chamber for his suit.

LEGO Assault on Wayne Manor

Wayne Manor would not be complete without secret passages. There is the above mentioned bookcase-batcave entrace, but there is also escape hatches under the statuary and a collapsing staircase.

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What do you think about this idea? Would you buy it?

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