Community Problems arise on LEGO Cuusoo

LEGO Jurassic Park Jungle Explorer with T-Rex

Last week you might have read the Cuusoo of the Week : Jurassic Park Jungle Explorer with T-Rex created by one of our Youtube friends BrickQueen. As of today however BrickQueen’s Cuusoo account was banned/suspended and all her projects were deleted. BrickQueen released a video, which we attached below, explaining what happened on LEGO Cuusoo. According to the video another LEGO Cuusoo user with a similar project had been flagging BrickQueen’s projects along with many of his supporters. In the coming days we’ll have to see what the LEGO Cuusoo team does to resolve this situation. We’ll keep you posted on this event and we hope you watch the video for a better understanding of what happened.

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