Build the Winchester – Shaun of the Dead

By Nathan Lyle On 30 Jun, 2012 At 04:29 PM | Categorized As Lego News | With 1 Comment

It seems the Cuusoo idea called “The Winchester – Shaun of the Dead” created by yatkuu has risen from it’s ashes. Creator, yatkuu, has uploaded instructions on how to build The Winchester. Will you build The Winchester?

  • Link 1 – PDF instruction (3 files in a Zip archive – 1 pdf per floor – total size 16MB)
    These are the step by step building instructions, similar to what LEGO produces for its official sets.
  • Link 2 – Source Files (LDRAW/.ldr files + LDD/.lxf file + .bsx parts inventory + .bsx Minifigures parts inventory 6 files in a Zip archive – total size 134KB)
    – the .ldr files – these are the different floors of the Winchester rebuilt in 3D with LDRAW (MLCad), these are the files we have used to create the instructions with Lpub.
    – the .lxf file – this is the complete Winchester rebuilt in 3D with LEGO Digital Designer.
    – the .bsx files, these are parts inventories generated with the free software “Brickstore” You will need to install the program to view the list of bricks.

Thanks to Brickfanatics for providing the source.

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  1. Sambailey2004 says:

    The file says the instructions have been moved or made private

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