Build the Firefly Serenity

It seems the Cuusoo idea called “Firefly Serenity” created by tbone_tbl has risen from it’s ashes. Creator, tbone_tbl, has uploaded instructions on how to build the Firefly Serenity for a price of $15. tbone_tbl claims that this model has a stronger structure than the model seen on cuusoo. You can get them by contacting him either through his facebook page, or by emailing him at:

Size: 24″x16″x7″
Pieces: 2193 pieces
Firefly Serenity Features:
• Opening loading ramp and bottom hatch
• Cockpit capable of seating a minifig
• Light up firefly drive
• Playable dining area and cargo hold
• Rotating engines (crazy Ivan capable)

Thanks to Brickfanatics for providing the source.

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