BrickWarriors: Riot Shield, Vengeance AR, and The Deadly Cricket

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BrickWarriors has recently released a previews of some of their next customs! The three new LEGO customs include: the Riot Shield, Vengeance AR, and The Deadly Cricket. These new customs look impressive and I can’t wait to get my hands on the BrickWarriors Riot Shield because that looks EPIC! All these new customs will be available Friday April 26. If your interested in the customs: CLICK HERE

LEGO BrickWarriors Vengeance AR

BrickWarriors Vengeance AR

Wishing BrickWarriors had more guns for Lego minifigures? Well…we do! Introducing the NEW Vengeance Assault Rifle. I couldn’t imagine a sci-fi gun equal to this one…or can I? Stay tuned this week for some more sneak peaks! The Vengeance Assault Rifle will be available on Friday!

LEGO BrickWarriors The Deadly Cricket

BrickWarriors The Deadly Cricket

The Androids are coming, the Androids are coming! Ahhhh!!! And do you know what’s coming with them? Another new BrickWarriors gun…The Deadly Cricket. These sniper rifles, along with the new assault rifles, will be available Friday! Make sure to equip your Lego minifigures for the Android invasion with our new guns!

BrickWarriors LEGO Riot Shield

BrickWarriors Riot Shield

BrickWarriors revealed the Riot Shield custom on their Youtube channel. The video includes exclusive footage of the other new customs as well. The new Riot Shield custom looks really cool! To watch the video: CLICK HERE

What do you think about the customs?

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