BrickWarriors “Chains to Champions” Board Game


BrickWarriors has released a new LEGO custom board game called “Chains to Champions”! The new game ranges from 4-6 players, each minifigure battling to the death till there is a champion. The board game retails at $35. Interested in buying: CLICK HERE


Hurry, hurry! The auction is about to begin! There are many gladiators from which to choose. If you choose wisely, you could end up with riches beyond your wildest dreams. If you choose poorly, your gladiator may end up splattered on the sand of the arena. However, the strength behind the swing of his sword isn’t the only thing it takes to make your gladiator a champion. You’ll have access to the finest training and weapons that Rome has to offer before your gladiator is tossed into the arena for a merciless fight to the death. Many gladiators will enter the arena in chains, but only one will emerge a champion.

Chains to Champions combines mathematical probability with human ingenuity to create a strategy game that is unique each time you play.

2-6 Players
Ages 14+
40 Minutes Play Time

1 Rulebook
1 Gameboard (The Arena)
22 BrickWarriors Accessories
6 Training Dummies
36 Value 1 Coins
18 Value 3 Coins
1 Score Pad
96 Cards
6 Dice


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