BrickUltra News – Minor Update #7

We hope you’ve had a good start to 2015! This is just a minor update to what you’ll see in the coming weeks/months.

Early Video Release: We’re testing this out for the first few videos for 2015, video’s we’ll be released as unlisted on the BrickUltra website either Monday-Thursday (several days in advance) before the video goes live on Youtube on Friday. It’s a way of giving dedicated fan’s thanks for coming to the website!

New Customs: We’ll be rolling out new custom Minifigures/Machines in the coming months, so definitely stay tune!

Projects: We have some special projects in the works for you guys across both our website and Youtube channel, we’ll discuss more of this at a further date.

Anyways this was just a quick update of what’s to come and we greatly appreciate the support and we hope that together we can have a great 2015! Much is planned for BrickUltra and we’re excited to reveal what’s to come! Happy New Year!

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