BrickUltra Update #6

Update #6- Welcome to BrickUltra! It’s finally summer time and we hope to add many new features to the community this year!

Views: Since our last update, about a month ago, our site has tripled in daily viewers to about 2500-3600! This is great and we strive to bring you the best LEGO content on the internet!

Shirt Shop: We’ll be adding 4 new shirts very soon!

Comics: We’ll hopefully be adding some new comic series to BrickUltra soon!

New Poll: It’s the start of a new month so we’ve added a new poll! Check it out!

New Features: This summer we hope to add even more new features that will make BrickUltra even GREATER! We encourage you to send us suggestions or idea’s to improve the BrickUltra experience!

Poll of the Month- May Results

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