BrickUltra Network Information

Why join the BrickUltra Network:

Boost your Views: Our network is aimed at increasing your views and exposure in the LEGO community! Our channel gets thousands of views each day from around the world! Our YouTube channel launched in May 2013 and all our videos combined have been seen by millions of people around the world!

Gain Exposure: When you become a BrickUltra Director you join the ranks with some of the best LEGO Youtube creators on the internet from AstonishingStudios, Taylor-Place Productions, MaxButcher, and all our other BrickUltra Directors.

Build an Active Fan Base: New users could see your videos for the first time equaling to new fans! The benefits to uploading to our channel is you will have an active subscriber fan base, considering videos take a while to make, our other video content can keep subscribers entertained, making you feel less stressed to release video content just to keep fans happy.

Work in a Friendly Ecosystem: Our talented BrickUltra Directors make a vast ecosystem for the BrickUltra channel. This means someone who watches a video from another BrickUltra Director might stumble upon a video you uploaded on to BrickUltra as well. When someone subscribes to the BrickUltra channel, they subscribe to all the BrickUltra Directors that work to make our ecosystem possible. This ecosystem on BrickUltra allows for videos to spread viewers and increase the views you receive.

Being a Team Player: Being a BrickUltra Director you are now part of a team and you are all working towards the same goal. As BrickUltra grows everyone benefits from the success because of the constant stream of video content which in turn means new viewers and subscribers. So while your off making a video you won’t have to worry about the inactivity because the BrickUltra channel will flourish with content from other BrickUltra Directors.

BrickUltra Director Requirements:

No copyrighted music: You can’t use any copyrighted music once you join the BrickUltra Network. This means all future work you create must use original or royalty free music.

Quality: We’re looking for directors that can produce “High-Quality” videos. This ranges from storytelling, animation, editing, special effects, to just overall creativeness in the videos you make.

BrickUltra Intro: To qualify for the BrickUltra Network, you must use our BrickUltra Intro/BrickUltra Outro in your video. We’ll email you the intro/outro once your accepted.

Publishing: Videos can only be published on one channel. Trailers can be uploaded on to your own personal channel referring to the main BrickUltra video, however BrickUltra will not advertise a trailer on the BrickUltra channel that refers to a video that you upload on your own personal channel. You can still upload videos to your own channel if you want, however those won’t be associated with BrickUltra unless other arrangements have been made.

Application Video: Some applicants might need to send a follow up evaluation video before being accepted into the BrickUltra Network just to insure quality of video content. In other cases you’ll be accepted immediately if no evaluation video is needed.

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