BrickUltra Customs Wave 2 Coming Soon

We’re announcing that the release of Wave 2 of BrickUltra Customs is approaching! The new figures will all be digitally printed on all sides to insure the highest possible quality! We’re excited for what we have planned and can’t wait to reveal the new customs to you in the coming weeks!

BrickUltra Mech Pilot Showcase (Coming Soon)

In the mean time we have just a couple Mech Pilot’s left so if your interested in picking one up this might be your last chance!

MGF Customs Reviews BrickUltra’s Mech Pilot
Description: If you take a look at this Minifigure, from the little number on the left torso to the ammo pouches to the Kevlar weave, the suit design that they have on different areas of the front of the torso, it’s just an incredibly detailed Minifigure and the design is just fantastic! One of the best printed custom Minifigures around!

BrickQueen Reviews BrickUltra’s Mech Pilot
Description: Brand NEW Mech Pilot custom minifigure from BrickUltra! This is their first custom minifigure, but there will be many more to come! The figure costs $30 and it is being released today, November 22, 2013. Be the first to get this amazingly detailed figure! It’ll be great for stop motion!


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