Brickfilming Contests Coming Up!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and busy! for animators anyways… Coming up we have a few different brickfilming contests and if you’re interested you should check them out, spread the word, and spread the fuzzy contest goodness!

First off, and deadline coming soon (Christmas Eve I think) is Repelling Spider’s “Christmas in a Minute” Contest. This contest will be the first one put on by RS, but I’m confident he will do a good job ;D


You check it out and get the low down here, from RS himself:

Repelling Spider: Facebook | Twitter

& His BrickFilming Blog:


And of course, the nearly annual contest, originally from, now from, THAC X! Put on by the one and only Hazzat (Zoot101)

If you’re not familiar with any past THAC contests, it stands for Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest. It’s a really fun contest and I know many brickfilmers young and old will enter it, so there will be competition! But totally worth it. Check it out on BiM HERE, Where Hazzat does a great job of explaining the rules and everything else.

Hopefully some of you guys will enter something! Both contests have prizes I believe and should be a lot of fun!

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